Monday, April 22, 2024

2020 BMW 228i: Test drive this entry-level luxury sedan

The latest in understated luxury from the German automaker.

This is one of those BMWs that really can do everything rather well.  

It’s considered a ‘compact’ sedan, but, well, yeah, that’s a stretch of sorts.  It does have a fair amount of athleticism to it.  It definitely has all the luxury you would come to expect, as evidenced by the photos. All-Wheel Drive is standard, which admittedly used to be a drag on performance but not anymore in the 21st Century.

And, well, it’s pretty – and despite how far we’ve come in the world, isn’t that what we in the LGBTQAI+ still really want: Beauty in every corner of the world? And somehow, isn’t it always left up to us to provide it?

Of course, this is part of BMW’s 2 series, which is right in the sweet spot of sedans for the German automaker, which is not too big and not too small depending upon where you sit and what you like.  

The luxury is obvious and at the same time not too glaring, as evidenced by these photos. It’s perfect for wherever you have to go in your gay world, be it the red carpet drag events or your daughter’s graduation from whatever school you were able to afford admission.

Prices for the 2 Series start at $35,300 US which, wow, for a BMW, is amazing. I think BMW realized a long time ago that if they were going to stay relevant, they were going to have to offer cars that some people could afford (depending on your definition of ‘some people’), and sure enough, over the last decade or so, they have been hitting their mark.

You can get the 228i (the trim I tested) as either a Coupe, Sedan or a Convertible (call me old, I need four doors with plenty of room). Mileage is 24 city / 32 highway. For the 228i, which is much more athletic and refined, the base is $37,500 US, which is not that much more than the base for the 2 Series. Mileage for the 228i is about the same: 23 city / 33 highway. 

All the way around, this is a good starter car, and if you wind up keeping it for a while, due to marriage, divorce, remarriage, death (hopefully not your own), you should be fine.

I will say when it comes to the interactive technology, BMW is finally coming fully into the 21st Century. I found it much easier to sync my Whitney Houston / Kylie Minogue playlists but it still took some help from my nephew. This time,  I will blame my troubles on old age. 

I am not the most exciting queen at the disco, so I am told that if you are looking for fast gasoline thrills, this is not the most exciting luxury car out there. Fair point, but for the 228i and all Series 2, well, that’s not the point. For BMW, this is the sweet spot of trying to give you a little bit of everything, and I think it does it well.  

That said, our readers here at Q40 know luxury, so of course, in the midst of this global crisis, shop around but please protect yourself.

We want you safe for another round of ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ on January 20, 2021’. (Wink).

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