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2021 Land Rover Defender: Your fun day car

The classic, capable, 4-wheel drive is back and we take it for a spin.

I did not know how long the Defender has been around – and that it took a leave of absence from the car scene until recently. Anyway, it is back, and in a big way. If you are looking for somewhere to park your car dollars and you have room for a big vehicle that can offer you a lot of fun, you really should check this one out!

IMHO, Land Rovers tend to look like a rolling box so I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the Defender does have a certain appeal. The two-tone exterior gives a look that doesn’t make it look so overwhelming and less industrial. But make no mistake: this one is big, so that alone catches one’s attention. 

You can get a turbo 4-cylinder or a supercharged six-cylinder. All trims are 4-Wheel Drive, of course. 

Inside, there is nice combination of utility and luxury. The Defender is meant to be taken out into the Wild, and that means you are going to get it dirty. So the materials are practical, which means they are relatively easy to clean. But the appointments inside are still nice. The design of the dash and the door handles and other features does suggest that someone took time to figure out what would be appealing to the eye.

For those you who are keeping track, 2021 is basically the same as 2020 (and where have we heard that before?). To be sure, you may be hard-pressed to notice a difference, so for those of you are pinching pennies (and if you are, why?) have your buyer go looking for a solid 2020. That said, there are more trims available for 2021, with the new X-Defender joining the lineup. It’s not like the Marvel Comics Defender (or is it?) but it does have a lot of that spunk and thrill.

Surprisingly, the base price is $46,100 US, which is an incredibly low starting price for such a luxury midsized SUV. You get a century’s worth of Land Rover knowledge and experience in the Defender, and that will make your off-road experience quite enjoyable. 

Mileage is not the best in the class (18/21), but we assume this is not the main reason you are considering this revived classic.  And cargo space is a little tighter than rivals, but again, if that’s a concern, well…

You are considering this car because it is a Land Rover, it is a classic – and the Defender is fun, it is durable and this vehicle has what you need to get you where you need to ‘get’ in rough situations, like a snow squall (I am just barely learning what that is – and it ain’t pretty). 

I think this may be the car of the future.  Who knows what weather patterns will be like? Or fuel availability. 

For now, this should do just fine.

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