Monday, April 22, 2024

2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E53 Coupe: Wow. Just wow.

Girlz, the E Class is the height of style and elegance when it comes to cars.

All across the Internet Ouija Board, praise for the 2021 lineup of E Class cars for Mercedes has been nonstop. The lineup was fully redesigned in 2017 but that didn’t stop Mercedes from continually improving the E Classes year after year. And it shows.

As you can see, this is your sportscar with the sports-tuned air suspension and styling. You can get the E53 as a coupe, convertible or a sedan and all are six-cylinder turbos offering 429 horsepower with 384 pound-feet of torque.

Sport-tuned All-Wheel Drive is standard on the E53, and this is important to note. On most of the E-Class cars, and most sportscars period, Rear-Wheel Drive is what you have come to expect. It is what gives the car its power and oomph. In many ways, that is old school thinking. With the AMG E53, ‘Sport-Tuned’ AWD will give you all need to give you the feeling of the racetrack while not taking you too far outside the long arm of the law. And to get you through all the rough weather that climate change has brought us in the 21st Century.

The sedan starts at $73,900. Next is the coupe at $76,250. The convertible starts at $82,850. Most of the really good stuff is optional, like adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, leather interior appointments or panoramic sunroof.

The MBUX infotainment system, now in place across the lineup, is a huge improvement over what was in place just a few years back.  Not quite as intuitive as what other manufacturers install, but this is still a heck of a lot easier to use than what had been a place. Kudos to Mercedes for correcting that.

This is a fun car to drive, naturally. Nineteen-inch wheels are standard but you can get 20-inch if you so desire. Changing drive modes is a breeze through paddle shifters or through the easy dial right next to where you put your Red Bull or coffee. Like many luxury brands, you need to take your time to figure out where everything is inside the cabin. Once you do, it’s all a snap from there. 

The sister to the AMG E53 is understandably called the AMG E63. This beauty is available only as a wagon or sedan but comes as a turbo powered by a 4.0-lier V8 that offers 603 horses and 627 pound-feet of torque. Can you even imagine? 

With a purchase this major, I would (as I always do) advise caution – and I would again advise that you put down the remote, call your car broker (or get one) and take a test drive. The trend is now solidly toward doing everything online and having it delivered, which makes sense if you are ordering a pizza. 

How can I say this? This is not a pizza. The 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E53 Coupe is a helluva lot more fun.

When you get a shelter dog, the people at the shelter want to make sure the animal bonds with you before they let you take it home.  It’s the same principle here: Make sure the car bonds with you as well!

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