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2021 Toyota Avalon: The perfect big sedan for all the family

A roomy throwback to suburban nostalgia, if that’s your thing.

If you’ve been watching WandaVision, the breakout Marvel series on Disney+, you’ll see that it has been celebrating (among other things) so much American culture from the 1950s and 1960s, like those quaint black-and-white neighborhoods where everything is perfect and no hard life exists inside that bubble of perfect life … 

…. and every family had a Hugh Jass family sedan like the 2021 Toyota Avalon for going places!

To me, it does seem like the Avalon is shrinking – or I am getting bigger (hard to say). No longer does it feel like you need port and starboard lights for the 2021 Avalon, though you do need to carefully navigate it when parking it in town.

According to U.S. News and World Report, this year’s Avalon comes in at Number 2 in the Large Car category (beat out by the new Kia Cadenza – whoda thunk?). Yes, they just don’t make ‘em like this anymore because, well, demand is limited. Lean and mean is how people want their cars nowadays. So if you want a ride that emulates the Lincoln Town Cars or the Crown Vics of yore, this is probably the closest you’ll come.

And for those who think the Avalon is just for the cardigan sweater and cherry tobacco pipe set, there is a TRD edition and even a new Nightshade Edition with high-performance tires for 2021. Can’t say I get it, but Toyota does a lot of research, and, well, the market genies told them that buyers wanted this. To which I say, okay. So here they are.

In past reviews of the Avalon, I have described this car as a rolling living room. A large rolling living room, or as they call it in Australia, The Good Room. This is a car to luxuriate in (sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition). Your starting price is $35,975 US, which is not bad for such luxury. Many more showroom showstoppers of the Avalon are available, and should you really want one to waltz down the red carpet, you could easily double the price. No doubt, you are worth it, so just know that it’s all there waiting for you, should you desire…

The Avalon is also available as a hybrid (of course) so if that option is appealing to you, the price is not a whole lot higher – and you would be saving the planet in your own little way. And you could still be that special 1950s TV sitcom princess from Barbie’s Dream House that you always wanted to be. 

Thank goodness you can at least get a car that can make you feel like you are living a life of past luxury and affluence.

Throw in the Vikki Carr and Eydie Gorme 8-Tracks and, wow, is that livin’ or what?

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