Wednesday, February 28, 2024

LGBTQ people of color report barriers to academic achievement

New research from the Williams Institute in collaboration with the Point Foundation examined the school experiences and higher education environments of LGBTQ people of color.

Results show that more than twice as many LGBTQ POC as white LGBTQ adults report that unfair treatment at school due to being LGBTQ was a barrier to their academic success (10% vs. 4%). Lifetime anti-LGBTQ bullying, harassment, and unfair treatment also kept them from getting the amount of education, training, or degrees that they wanted (15% vs. 7%).

Key findings
  • Twice as many LGBTQ people of color as white LGBTQ adults say that unfair treatment at school was a barrier to their academic success.
  • Fewer LGBTQ people of color have completed a post-secondary degree or certificate compared to their white LGBTQ peers.
  • One-third of LGBTQ people of color received little or no information about college applications from high school counselors and teachers.
Barriers to Educational Attainment Due to Being LGBTQ

LGBTQ people of color reported experiences of not fully belonging, needing to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity at school because they are LGBTQ, and experiences of unfair treatment, harassment, or bullying that impacted the quality and quantity of their education.

Nearly one in four (23.4%) LGBTQ POC felt that they did not fully belong at school at some point in their lives because they are LGBTQ. About four in 10 (42.7%) LGBTQ POC reported ever needing to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity at school because they are LGBTQ. Findings were similar for White LGBTQ adults.

Read the full report here.

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