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5 ways to reduce separation anxiety

Separation anxiety can occur at all ages and it’s a mental health issue. Here are some tips on how to overcome it.

Mental health forms the backbone of your overall well-being. The psychological pathways affect almost every vital organ and alter the functions of different systems. However, you may experience psychiatric issues due to various circumstances in your daily life. One such condition, i.e., separation anxiety, is quite popular among the extremes of ages. Also, it can occur due to separation from your parents, pet, or other close ones. 

Long-term separation anxiety may affect your lifestyle and cause symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, and constant worry. Here are the top ways to control separation anxiety and boost your mental health.

What Is Separation Anxiety? 

If you think only children experience separation anxiety, you might want to update your facts. Separation anxiety is a disorder that occurs after a lack of interaction or communication with your close ones. Also, it often leads to symptoms like headache, restlessness, nausea, and constant worry. You may experience negative thoughts like losing a loved one or relationship issues now and then. You don’t need to consult an expert or seek therapy in these cases. Instead, find out the natural ways to control your fears and calm your mind down. 

Causes Of Separation Anxiety 

Often, separation anxiety has a recent cause related to personal life and relationships. You may experience separation anxiety due to losing a loved one, moving away from your parents, or a lost pet. Also, any change in your surroundings may trigger and predispose you to such anxiety issues. Short-term stress like changing your school, divorce, or breakups are another common cause of anxiety. No matter the cause, you can handle the symptoms through various natural and effective methods. You can manage stress issues and reduce anxiety with constant support and patience. 

Ways To Reduce Separation Anxiety 

Lifestyle modifications are one of the best ways to tackle separation anxiety and emerge stronger. Here are the most effective ways to calm your mind and move on after separation. 

1. Try Herbal Remedies

Did you know that herbal therapy can help manage anxiety issues in the long run? The herbal remedy is quite effective in managing anxiety disorders due to recent separation or traumatic events. You can try herbs like lavender, kava, and valerian to counter the feelings of loneliness. Also, CBD extracts like CBD capsules may help increase the brain neurotransmitters. This is due to the effects of herbal components on your hormonal processes. Hence, it increases the release of some feel-good hormones like serotonin and enhances the level of satisfaction. Opt for herbal blends like tea, capsules, or tinctures to manage anxiety.

2. Research About Separation Anxiety 

Before you find effective ways to manage anxiety issues, it’s essential to understand the condition in detail first. Talk to your therapist and try to understand your condition in depth. Knowing the issues you face makes it easier to deal with the symptoms. You develop an insight into the health issue and know that your feelings aren’t abnormal. Along with this, proper research about the health issue can prevent adverse effects and reduce the severity of the disorder.

3. Keep Yourself Occupied 

As soon as the feelings of separation kick in, you must find something to keep yourself occupied. Try to indulge in productive activities or prepare a strict routine with maximum mental straining. Getting busy with your life gives you no time to think about the separation and other anxious thoughts. Also, it helps deal with the issue and makes you more productive. You could read your favorite book or head out for a walk to occupy yourself.

4. Do Some Journaling 

Did you know that letting your thoughts out can be a great way to manage stress and anxiety afterward? If you suffer from separation anxiety, try to follow journalling rituals in your daily life. In the journal, including a habit of writing down your fears, thoughts, and other provoking incidents. Not only will it reduce their anxiety, but it also allows you to tackle separation-related issues.

5. Seek Professional Help 

If your separation anxiety doesn’t go away even after days, you might want to consult a therapist or seek professional guidance. Separation anxiety requires cognitive behavioral therapy to remold your fears and transform your thought process. Also, you can try systematic desensitization and psychotherapy to lower the intensity of anxiety issues. 

A professional therapist can help you acknowledge, accept, and deal with your issues better. Along with this, it paves a direction for you to follow and get out of the hurdle faster. Consult a psychotherapist if you don’t feel better after a few days of separation. 

Bottom Line 

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental health disorders occurring due to a traumatic incident or lifestyle issues. One such form of anxiety, i.e., separation anxiety, occurs after separation from your loved ones. It induces a feeling of loneliness, makes you prone to different kinds of fears, and hinders your daily life. In such cases, you might want to try out the natural methods of managing the issue. Start with researching the condition and understand your symptoms better. Along with this, you can try some herbal preparations to increase the happiness hormone levels. Make sure to keep yourself occupied and find some productive work during the initial days of separation. 

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