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How to activate your sexual vibrancy into 2021

A new book by Martha Langer encourages you to explore a deeper relationship with yourself and connect to your sexual divinity.

An excerpt from Embrace Your Vibrance: Practices For Vibrancy Activation

This book is the culmination of two decades of practices that transformed me to vibrant embodiment by opening to my sacredness and connecting with universal consciousness. I created this book for those who identify as women, yet I feel that many concepts relate to all of humanity. May it serve you. You are a divine being of light. Your soul is pure essence. You have a body where your soul physically actualizes. You have a psyche; the merging of your conscious and unconscious mind that creates your personality. The degree to which your soul, your body and your psyche are integrated is the amount that you feel vibrantly alive.

Welcome To Your Vibrancy Activation

Your soul is radiant, peaceful and infinite. It is unshakable, yet your challenging past wounded your psyche and body. Popular practices like yoga asana, meditation, and personal growth work powerfully dismantle the wounds and help you open, so your light shines. These practices are highly effective yet they neglect your sexuality, the most sacred part of you. It is essential to incorporate sexuality with your other well-being explorations.

Sexual union created you as a human being. You were born with creative life-force energy, the power of creation and universal love, running through your body’s cellular system. At birth, you were fully vibrant: your being was full of loving energy and your breath was freely flowing. This creative life-force energy resides in you now as your sexuality.

It is possible to feel these glorious currents of energy flowing through your body. I call this feeling Vibrancy Activation, which exists independent of sexual activity. When Vibrantly Activated, we feel our inner being alive and pleasantly vibrating. All body parts are receptive to full and luminous breath. We feel worthy of goodness, grateful to be alive, value all parts of ourselves and feel connected with all of life. We reside in sensual joy, love, power, kindness, abundance, and generosity. We honor ourselves and positively affect people. We respect our authentic enthusiasm as a guide to action and feel fulfilled. We leave behind the idea that beauty is external and instead prioritize and feel our inner beauty, which then causes external radiance. We value ourselves as sacred. We feel our God(dess) nature. If this is not how you experience yourself, this book will serve you!

The Shadow

Paradoxically, the sexual shadow, or the non-sacred aspects of your sexuality, diminish Vibrancy Activation. Your body and psyche are wounded each time a part of your sexuality is ignored, demoted, abused, violated, disrespected, dishonored, judged, and otherwise traumatized. The spectrum of wounds is vast. Advertising and popular culture create an atmosphere where women and girls don’t feel good enough, attractive enough, thin enough, or sexy enough. Parents naturally impose their wounded sexuality onto their children. Cultural and familial negativity regarding menstruation causes shame in adolescents. Peer bullying, sexual harassment, being touched in an undesired way, molestation, incest, and rape, have all wounded and traumatized your sexuality. The wounds injure your nervous system, breath becomes shallow and uneven, safety is diminished, and receiving and giving love are impaired. A cumulative physiological decrease and cessation of Vibrancy Activation result from the wounds.

The unhealed wounds move your sexuality to the shadow and affect your psyche, behavior, and physicality. Conscious and unconscious self-loathing, judgment, shame, unworthiness, and negative self-talk result from the shadow. These harmful thought forms and feelings cause compensatory patterns of behavior and inauthentic relating because, on a deep level, you may not feel whole. You may feel unworthy of treating yourself well and making life-affirming decisions. Because the pain causes neurological injury, you may unconsciously continue to wound yourself by making decisions that create more incidents of wounding. In operation, the shadow separates you from the sacredness of life and is one of the most significant challenges of being alive.


Through my studies and practices, I’ve discovered how to become Vibrantly Activated by gradually reversing the effects of my wounds by creating a sacred relationship with my whole self, including my sexuality. Years of yoga and meditation brought me to a place of safety and stability where I could be open to my teacher’s guidance and then my own. Although I experienced a lot of inner resistance, I learned to treat my sexuality as sacred. This is a solo job. It is about deepening your relationship with yourself with practice.

You’ll become more Vibrantly Activated when you intentionally create a more positive and life-affirming relationship with your sexuality. You get to care for your sexuality by valuing this vital part of yourself with time, attention and breath. Prioritizing your sexuality in this way may require radical mind and systematic shifts to (1) reverse the cultural norm that teaches us that sexuality is primarily intended for sharing, and (2) bravely work against the resistance and shame that results from the shadow.

If you are feeling uncomfortable, judgmental, shameful, angry, or any other emotion, please know these emotions are normal and expected! The parts of you who are wounded from your past will not like this book. In fact, the more wounds you have experienced, the more resistance you may experience. Yet, if you are reading this book, your soul is likely guiding you toward healing. The effects of your healing permeate all aspects of your life:

  • Thoughts of not being good enough transmute into feeling whole
  • Self-loathing transmutes into self-adoration
  • Shame transmutes into radical acceptance
  • Scarcity transmutes into abundance
  • Doubt transmutes into trust
  • Competition transmutes into collaboration
  • Judgment transmutes into compassion
  • Neediness of others transmutes into healthy relating
  • Distorted connections transmute into heart-centered ones
  • Separation transmutes into integration
  • Depression transmutes into gratitude
  • Anxiety transmutes into peace
  • Fear transmutes into present-moment consciousness
  • Loneliness transmutes into communion

This book includes practices that led me to become open to sacred sexuality by creating safety and confidence in my being. It took me 16 years of daily practices and then working with my genius Divine Feminine Embodiment and Leadership Teacher, Anahita Joon, for me to become open to my own sexual healing. This realm was the missing piece for me, as it is likely for you, too. 

Embrace Your Vibrance: Practices for Vibrancy Activation by Martha Langer is available through Balboa Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

Author Martha Langer
About the author

Martha Langer has guided students toward health and vitality through yoga, meditation, healing, and counseling for more the 20 years. Langer earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in philosophy from the University of Vermont and her Juris Doctor degree from Temple University School of Law. She is also the author of “Which Season and What Colors are the Essence of You” – an educational poem booklet about Color Vibrancy. Langer currently resides in New York. Go to

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