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Alexander’s Midweek Movie News

Well… Men In Black… or Men In Red?  As in debt.  The movie didn’t do so well at the box office.  What happened?  Well…the film was plagued by rewrite after rewrite, even with the actors receiving daily pages with new scripts AND the villain was changed AND the original politically driven themes stripped away.  Lead actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson even hired their own script writers to try to make sense of their dialogue.  Get it together, Sony! 

And you get a prequel, and you get a prequel!  Hunger Games is getting a prequel book and Lionsgate is already planning the movie.  I offer my movie ticket up as a tribute, not interested.

The first pictures from the set of Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story have come out.  It looks…very clean and very young and very pretty.  Aren’t these kids on the streets of New York?  It looks like they are on the aisles of the GAP.

Cuba Gooding Jr was arrested for alleged inappropriate touching at a nightclub last week.  How is it that he wasn’t arrested for making the film Boat Trip?

Quentin Tarantino confirms that his Star Trek script is finished – it will be rated R and it will have plenty of F-bombs – setting the interwebs on fire with Trekkies in an uproar.  Original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, is all for it!  As a reminder, Star Trek Discovery already had Star Trek’s first F bomb.  How do you see Eff You in Klingon?

In a weird partnership, Bradley Cooper may team up with Guillermo Del Toro for Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley.  Huh?  Leonardo DiCaprio was the original actor in talks.

Gladiator 2?  Yes, it is happening.  Very interesting considering the main character is dead dead dead.  Gladiator 2, to be directed by Ridley Scott, would take place 25 – 30 years after the original story line and focus on the royal family.  Hmmm….

The trailer for Doctor Sleep – Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining came out with lead actor Ewan Macgregor.  It looks…fantastic!  I was wondering how they were going to tie the film sequel together with the original film as the Kubrick film was hugely different from the original novel.  It looks like they’ve paid homage to the original film by recreating some of the set elements and scenes from the Jack Nicholson film.  Yaasss, it looks equally creepy and fabulous.

More Catwoman casting news!  Aubrey Plaza, from Parks and Rec, is now campaigning to play Catwoman.  HUH?

Did you know that The Big Lebowski was getting a spin off?  Well, kind of.  John Turturro is reprising his role as the weird bowler, Jesus Quintana, in Going Places – he has the blessing of the Cohen brothers.  Cohen brother projects without the Cohen brothers is like an ice cream cone with no ice cream.  No thanks, that’s why I wear Spanx!

Rocketman gets another country that isn’t happy with their gay content in the film.  Samoa has banned the film – how can I love the cookie so much but hate their politics so much?

Fun Fact:  The original ending of Pretty Woman had Julia Roberts’ character thrown out of a car and left in an alley at the end of the film.  Yikes!

Another Fun Fact:  Emma Thompson wanted to be in the next Star Wars film, but she was told NO THANK YOU.  Sorry, Nanny McForce!

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