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Alexander’s Midweek Movie News

Literally EVERYONE is seeing Avengers: Endgame…an airman in the South Korean Air Force was taken into custody for leaving his post to check out the film. 

Avengers spoilers!  Just kidding.  The web says that two weeks is the time limit when you can start discussing spoilers publicly.  A Domino’s Pizza worker attacked a coworker and the police were called in response to the coworker talking Avengers spoilers.  I wonder if the pizza was still delivered in 30 minutes or less.

One spoiler I will share is that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will start filming much quicker than anticipated.  Grab those coins, Marvel!  Please don’t make it suck.

The next Indiana Jones movie is in trouble…maybe they have not chosen their script writer wisely.  This is Us creator, Dan Fogelman, is being brought in to make script rewrites.  The creator of This is Us?  Really?  Oy.   They better hurry, Harrison Ford is getting grouchy.  I would imagine any script would be better than the last one.

How much do you love action star Jason Statham?  Got a few extra bucks?  Well, apparently a women was catfished by someone pretending to be Jason Statham who conned her out of a large amount of money.  Girrrllll.  Now she’s furious she was so fast…see what I did there?

Hellraiser reboot is a go with Dark Knight writer David Goyer working on the script.  The reboot has been in the works for a number of years, with creator Clive Barker writing the script that never got picked up.  The film franchise has only had moderate success but Hellraiser character Pinhead has become part of horror film iconography.

Is Brad Pitt lost in space?  His sci fi flick Ad Astra has been removed from its release schedule with hardly any marketing having been done for it.  Apparently, the film is still being edited and not close to being ready.  Or…maybe it’s just a bad film.  I personally don’t care to see Brad Pitt being covered in a space suit unless it’s a Star Trek unitard.

In other sci fi news, Quentin Tarantino has finished his Star Trek script – he wants to make a serious Trek flick with Trek’s first ever R rating.  Maybe the new catch phrase will be Live Effin Long and Effin Prospect, MotherEffer.

John Cena wants to be in everything…well, except me.  I last reported that he wants to be in Suicide Squad 2 and now its revealed that he is the latest to join the last Fast and Furious movie.  Dwayne Johnson laughed and said, “a wrestler can never be an actor!…Oh, wait.”

Rugrats is getting a live action, big screen version remake!  Diary of A Wimpy Kid director David Bowers on board.

Want to see a Rated R Detective Pikachu?  Ryan Reynolds says there’s enough extra footage/outtakes to warrant a much more adult version.  Don’t hold your breath, the studio would probably never allow that to keep the family friendly box office aspect.

Fantastic Beasts 3 got its release date, November 2021.  Sorry, I’m busy that month…I’m washing my hair.

RIP Peter Mayhew, Star Wars’ original Chewbacca from 1977 to 2015.  At 7 feet 3 inches he certainly made his character a fan favorite.  His upcoming planned convention booths will be turned into a memorial spot for fans to gather and share his memories.

How is your Tigger impression?  Disney may be casting ASAP.  Jim Cummings who has voiced Winnie the Pooh and Tigger since 1998 has been accused of rape AND animal abuse.  Oh bother.  These allegations come from his ex-wife, with whom he is in a heated divorce and custody battle.

Moment of Shade:  More details are coming out about the Edward Norton recast as The Incredible Hulk.  We should have been seeing Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo in Avengers but the original Norton Hulk film was such a bad experience, Marvel pretty much broke up with him.  Norton had his own idea of the character and script changes and additional, alternative scenes were shot to appease the actor.  Marvel didn’t really call on Ed to do much press, the writing was on the wall.  Fans didn’t seem to miss a beat though, Ruffalo is much loved as Hulk.  And I love his new Banana Republic wardrobe.

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