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Alexander’s Midweek Movie News

Did you see the Aladdin live action redo this weekend?  Well…reviews were mixed, audience responses were mixed, and Will Smith’s voice was Remixed – he really can’t sing.  Maybe Aladdin should have wished for voice lessons for his genie.  In any case, it made it to the top 5 Memorial Day box office list.  Why did we need this film, and why did you go see it? 

Spider-man 3 is supposedly going to include Venom, but not Deadpool.  That’s like Sophie’s Choice – what hot guy do you want running around Spidey’s tights – Tom Hardy or Ryan Reynolds?  As much as I favor Tom Hardy, I hate seeing him in bad movies and let’s just say Venom was not my favorite.  I’d rather watch an Annabelle movie over Venom, and you know that’s saying a lot.

Get out your slim fit suits!  Liam Neeson joins The Kingsman prequel – alongside Ralph Fiennes and Stanley Tucci.  This origin film is titled The Great Game.  Maybe Liam plays a tailor who comes across a chubby person that he has to put in an extreme slim fit double breasted pin stripe, “I do have are a very particular set of skills (tailoring), skills I have acquired over a very long career (tailoring). Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

Well we better enjoy Indiana Jones 5, even if it isn’t a better script than The Kingdom of the Lost Skull – Harrison Ford doesn’t want anyone to ever play Indy.

Is the Harvey Weinstein debacle finally put to rest?  He reached a settlement with his accusers for $44 million dollars.  Honestly, that doesn’t seem like a lot in regards to his finances and to the scope of his accusations.

Sonic the Hedgehog film is delayed due to redesign.  The first images were not met kindly and perhaps because Detective Pikachu looked good they are rethinking their approach.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t pulling any punches in the next Terminator film – he wants it to get a Rated R like the first two films, saying it needs to be gritty and dark to shake away the crappiness of the sequels – well he didn’t say crappiness but he does want the R rating.  The film is about six months away from its premiere, early images of Linda Hamilton returning to her character were met with great feedback.

Ridley Scott is back in the Alien realm, he’s directing the Alien: Covenant sequel which is a sequel to the sequel to the prequel…got it?  Good.  Michael Fassbender is on board if asked to reprise his role of David the Android.

Get ready for more Rocky (even though he was supposed to have retired).  Sylvester Stallone wants to do a Rocky film about immigration and boxing.  Perfect for our political climate.  Let’s put Trump in a boxing ring to fine tune his immigration policies with his adversaries.  I’d watch!

Avatar and Star Wars unite as a live action film of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic script gets written by Laeta Kalogridis, who was a producer for Avatar.

Ghostbusters is still trying to find its footing as a reboot, a sequel or…a prequel?  Dan Aykroyd wrote a film of the team during their years together in high school.  I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but I was afraid of the SATs.

Benedict Cumberbatch is determined to play every smart guy, fiction or otherwise.  He will be playing Thomas Edison in The Current War.

Let Stan Lee rest in peace!  His real life drama is still unfolding.  Reports came out against his former manager in regards to elder abuse – and this week Keya Morgan was arrested on five accounts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery.  Also under that same elder abuse investigation is his former PR rep, his former road manager and his own daughter!

The early career Mark Wahlberg thriller Fear is getting a reboot.  Needless to say, Wahlberg could probably still play the part, that bitch does not age.

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