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Anthony meets Carol Decker

A huge pop star in the eighties and early nineties, Carol Decker was at the front of the British band T’Pau. 

As she prepares for the launch of her new single “Guess Who’s Sorry Now” dropping on April 30 (available to download in all of the usual places), she took some time to chat with me about her career, the highs and lows of fame, and the bitchiness within the industry that everyone wants to be in.

Meeting Carol Decker is another item checked off my bucket list. I am not too proud to admit to begin with I was somewhat starstruck. I mean, who wouldn’t be? This was the woman who provided the soundtrack to all of those first dances as a nervous teenager at the local disco. All the girls wanted to look like her and all the boys wanted to give her a hickey. Or was it the other way round!? Whatever the fascination, you did not live through those days without knowing every word of her songs. Remember “Heart and Soul”? The 1987 hit from their debut album Bridge of Spies reached No. 4 in the US and UK charts.

I was taken aback somewhat by how down to earth Carol was. I guess even after all of my years around the media industry I still expect overinflated egos to greet me with a grimace but more frequently I am pleasantly surprised to find a warm, friendly soul happy to share their story and wisdom – and Carol was another such soul.

We talked about her big break and the years of work it took to get there, her extravagances and the subsequent lows, how she dealt with bullies, and dealing with a ‘bitchy’ on-air quip from another artist.

Watch the video for the full interview, but be warned, the language gets a bit ‘fruity’ in parts (which is part of her charm).

Visit her website for more info:  WWW.TPAU.CO.UK

Or follow Carol Decker on social media:


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