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Anthony meets good witch, Shelley Rogers Johnson

Halloween is here! The time for the veil between this world and the ‘other side’ becomes so thin that ‘they’ can join us, there is one person you most definitely want on your side! A WITCH! … but you had better make sure she is a ‘Good witch,’ like Shelley Rogers Johnson.

A true and fully paid member of the Friends of Dorothy club, I am pleased to say that my new friend does not travel with an entourage of flying monkeys. Having first discovered her on Instagram, I have quickly fallen under the spell of a Good Witch, who goes by the name of Shelley Rogers Johnson. The smile in her eyes is lit by inner peace and life experience, which has landed her right slap bang in the centre of the universe, a kind universe — her universe.

Not afraid of having a bit of fun at her own persona, we giggle as I continue to be mesmerized by her charisma and wisdom. The videos, short reels in fact, always seem to carry the message I need to hear that day. At first, I would see one every now and then, and think wow, she’s really cool. Then, they seemed to appear more, each one conveying its important challenge to consider my own life in a way that is more kind to me, and in turn to consider others in the same kindness.

Such was my growing fascination, I joined one of Shelley’s live instagram meetings. These are things I NEVER do!! I rarely host my own, and so the inclination for me to jump on someone else’s, let alone someone, who I have never met. I felt the giddy excitement as I watched her relaying messages via her trusted tarot to her dedicated fan base, which might I add exceeds one million followers on Instagram alone!

Are we all under a spell? Or is it just that we are all craving the milk of kindness that her universe so freely provides? There I was initially aiming to be inconspicuous. That plan did not last long, I found myself typing into the chat, then, came my reading.

Now, I know everyone says this, when they get a read, but it was for me BANG ON! Smiling from my toes to my heart I blurted out (in typing) that I wanted to interview her. Within moments via the assistance of her equally charming, and sparkly assistant Janet, it was sorted — I had booked in an ‘Anthony Meets’ with the kind soul that has been guiding me from thousands of miles away, via the internet, in a different time zone – excited would be an understatement .

I have been in ‘media’ for thirty years, I have met many celebs, you all have now met many of them with me. I don’t often get starstruck. However, meeting Shelley I had butterflies in my tummy. I felt how I imagine those people who go in search of relatives on the TV must feel, that in a moment, I was going to be on-screen with someone that my inner self considers, a
someone whom I am ‘supposed’ to know. We aren’t related (I think), but that sense of familiarity, the feeling of seeking her approval, and the thirst for her smile and wisdom were all tingling in my veins. Of course, it would have been a very beautiful moment but for my crap sound and lighting equipment letting me down a bucket full! A consummate professional, Shelley patiently waited, whilst I did what I could to get myself in position where I could be heard and seen — in some degree of clarity.

As soon as we established technological connection, the spiritual one was as easy as pie! We began chatting like we had known each other since kindergarten, and frankly after an hour of total connection I had to end the interview, as otherwise the interview would have had to have been delivered in volumes.

Who is the woman behind the pointed hat, the tarot cards, the glossy enchanting reels? Well, I found an absolutely delightful soul! Fond of a joint or cone, long flowing hair, bright fabrics of velvets and other textures. She is the epitome of the peace symbol, of two-fingers, sharing peace with all in front of her, and the reverse an instructive salute to all who might judge. The phrase “I. give no F***s” if not invented by her — most certainly must have been first uttered with her in mind.

Shelley unapologetically lives in the skin she was assigned upon her arrival in this life. A skin that wears her experiences. A cancer survivor, her earthly body has been altered by way of breast augmentation. She recalls the experience as part of her journey, she doesn’t linger in the moment, and it is obvious she chooses not to languish in the pain, but rather, that she is
determined to not march, but perhaps, skip, float, and dance her way through the next phases of the moon however many that be.

A true philanthropist, she uses her social media ‘lives’ to raise money for people in order to help them due to their inability to work. When she is not broadcasting to her dedicated and friendly worldwide audience, or helping someone out with a charitable need, she’s off on retreats with everything from meditation to belly dancing… The latter she explains is actually a great way of shifting the mental blues. Proudly, she wears her badge of honor from having been thrown out of three churches, in her mission to find spiritual enlightenment.

If you would like to assist Shelley in her good deeds why not visit her website and purchase a spell box, a candle (which she sculpts), or other ‘little something-something’, and she will make a donation on your behalf. Or you can follow her on insta @agoodwitchofficial and when you see that live notification, then jump on a session with her and purchase a badge – in return for your kindness, she will pull some cards for you.

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