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Award-winning queer author Meagan O’Nan releases highly anticipated new memoir

Award-winning author, keynote speaker and storytelling expert Meagan O’Nan has announced the e-book and paperback launch of Held and Free, her highly anticipated third book reflecting her spiritual journey from betrayal to forgiveness.

“Held and Free was the most vulnerable reflection of my journey I’ve ever shared,” said Meagan O’Nan, award-winning author and speaker. “By sharing my story, it’s my hope that I can shine a light of courage and healing for others going through similar hurdles and obstacles in their lives. That we don’t have to point the finger at the other side, whoever that is, and that there is truly a way to heal when you’re authentic to yourself.”

Held and Free by award-winning author Meagan O’Nan is now available on Amazon.

With one moment, the life she had always known had been changed, finding herself an outsider, both to the life she had known and to the life she did not yet know. A gay woman in Mississippi, she had been outed – and she wasn’t ready for it. Leaving the only home she had known, Meagan fled to find herself, figuring out during her journey, the only way to heal was to return.

Award-winning author, Meagan O’Nan

“When it comes to understanding journeys different from our own, some books are nice to have, and some are must-haves. Held and Free is a must for anyone who wants to understand a path they may not have had to travel themselves, yet the story proves that although the details may vary, we are all more alike than we are different” said Jasmine Cochran, Editor.  

You can purchase Held and Free and other Meagan O’Nan books at https://www.amazon.com or via www.meaganonan.com/books. Join the conversation on Instagram @megonan.


Meagan O’Nan is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and vulnerable storytelling expert. She is the author of the award-winning books, “Creating Your Heaven on Earth,” and “Courage: Agreeing to Disagree Is Not Enough.” Her third book, Held and Free was released in April 2023 with New Degree Press. Meagan is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council where she produces regular content for Forbes.com. 

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