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Believe in yourself and bloom into your deserving

Welcome abundance into your life with this simple practice.

We will not attract what we do not feel worthy of, or if we do we will ultimately get rid of it. Blaming it on something or someone else. It’s what Billy Holiday sings about in her song “God Bless the Child,” referring to the Bible scripture: For to everyone who has shall more be given, and that one shall have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what that one does have shall be taken.

It’s about belief. You don’t have to believe in the Bible to understand the benefit and wisdom of some of its teachings. It’s pointing to our faith and or belief in ourselves. Not in some entity outside of ourselves. Which includes situations and circumstances that befall us. Why is this so deeply important for us to get? Because we are shaping our lives, our very world based on our sense of deserving.

The truth is that we are powerful beyond measure. And, we are creating from our thoughts and belief system every single moment. “To every one who has…” Who has what? That knowing of their worth. More shall be given. We attract what we believe. From the one who does not have that knowing, that belief in who you are and the good that you absolutely deserve, even that which you have shall go.

I know that we sometimes want to put the blame out there but I am telling you when we do this we are also putting our power out there. We give it away. When I struggle with this and I do, we all do. I remember Harriet Tubman. She didn’t look to her situation, circumstances, or others to declare herself a Free Woman. She claimed, owned her Freedom and then took the next step that aligned with that knowing. And the next one and the next one. Our worthiness is not earned. It doesn’t become less based on what we have done or experienced in our lives. It’s not some mystical point system. It is our birthright.

We were born worthy and deserving of every good thing. As humans we struggle to find our place in the universe while the Universe is ever and always saying YES to us. It is not judging us deciding who the sun rises for or not. If we but open our eyes and look we will see that it is all for us. Water falls from the sky for us, flowers bloom and plants heal indiscriminately. Stars and clouds put on shows of transformation and delight us with their fierce and delicate power and beauty. This Universe shows us in every moment how worthy and deserving we are of extraordinary and seemingly miraculous gifts. Right now. We don’t have to do anything but remember who we truly are. We have all had things happen to us. We have been told stories that would have us believe we don’t get to have that life, that love, that wealth, that health.

Sometimes it is our very selves or people close to use who have told us these stories. They are stories and I invite you right now to tell a new story. Right now, call forth one limiting belief you have about yourself. It’s okay. We must start where we are. They usually start with, I can’t, I’ll never, this always happens or never happens, that’s for them not me….you get the gist. What is one that you have been carrying? Pull out a piece of paper. Draw a line down the center from top to bottom. Write on the left side of a piece of paper Limiting Belief. Then write whatever it is. One sentence or two. Then on the right side of the paper write The Truth then write what you would love, the opposite of that previous belief. Write it in present tense as though it is happening now. Make this a practice. Take a deep breath and own the new story. Practice building your sense of deserving. There is a Deservability Prayer that I love and repeat daily. It is on my Facebook page, and this is also where I will do a one hour session on Blooming into your Deserving. April 25th at 11am.

Beloveds, we do not get what we want, we attract who we believe ourselves to BE. Believe Abundantly. You deserve it. And so it is!

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