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BETTY rocks the holidays with the show you need

The queer feminist social justice band is the perfect way to see out 2021.

Elizabeth Ziff, Amy Ziff and Alyson Palmer have been fighting for women’s rights and LGBTQ rights globally through the unifying power of their music — while having a darned good time doing it. Their holiday show is something to behold. We caught up with the iconic trio to get their thoughts on this year’s shenanigans.

Tell us about this holiday tradition?

Aly: BETTY has been performing holiday shows annually since at least 2004. Each has a theme that kind of sums up our year. After 18 months without a live audience or international touring, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, climate change, vocal hatred against progressive ideals like equality and a deeply divided nation hell-bent on destruction, its the perfect time for a Holly Jollypocalypse! Most think the apocalypse is just the end of the world, but the word apocalypse means revelation, literally “to pull the lid off something.” There is plenty of beauty and joy, love and progress, truth and healing in our world to appreciate. So that’s what we’ll be doing – staring clear-eyed into the future and celebrating, come what may.

Amy: We are still here…

Elizabeth: We will be performing naked.

We thought 2020 was bad, 2021 was even bumpier. Reasons for hope?

Aly: Yes! Every day there are victories! Sadly the news about them isn’t transmitted by our media as much as the fear and gloom. It just doesn’t sell. But Gen Z is awake and aware, more women are holding office and rising to the top of their fields, cures are being discovered, cancer rates are falling, where there is life and a positive outlook, there is always hope.

Amy: Kind of… until the pig pandemic hits

Elizabeth: Sex and drugs and music are reasons for hope.

For the uninitiated what can a body expect from a BETTY Holiday show?

Amy: A body can expect to be holiday entertained, and leave thoughts of doomsday at the door.

Elizabeth: You’re going to want a cigarette afterward.

You’re touring at a couple of City Wineries – what do you love about this chain of venues? How have they maintained their vision exiting the pandemic? 

Amy: Live music and a devotion to the folks who make and support the music. 

Elizabeth: They have excellent wine and the staff is pretty. They also have great Covid protocols in place so people feel safe and secure and can enjoy the shows.

Cincinnati!  D.C.! What’s happening in each of these destinations and what message will you get across to our nation’s capital and our midwest heartland … via BETTY?

Aly: We’re thrilled to be returning to Cincinnati — a very cool city we hadn’t visited in far too long. We were guests at the Over The Rhine Film Festival this year and played a fundraised for Transform — an organization that helps trans kids, especially those kicked out of their birth families. We performed at this amazingly funky arts space and brewery called Urban Artifact, which all three of us loved! When we had the opportunity to return and do another benefit for Transform, we leapt at the chance. It will be our first time playing our holiday show in Ohio and we’re hoping folks from all over the area come join us for a night of great music, fun, revelry… and maybe some revelations!

Amy: music heals

Elizabeth: We can’t wait to play in DC again. It’s our hometown and the LGBTQ community has been so supportive there from the start of our career till now. DC has a great progressive and cool community that love BETTY and we love them. And our families can come!

Tickets and info to BETTY’s concerts December 5 — 18 at

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