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All episodes now available to ‘Boys In the Band’ actor’s queer podcast

I Still Think About You” is a seven-episode serial podcast, a noir audio drama based on the harrowing real life experience of its creator, Brian Hutchison.

On Wednesday, November 17, “The Boys in the Band” actor Brian Hutchison launched “I Still Think About You,” a noir audio drama based on a harrowing true story centered around a past romantic relationship. The seven-episode podcast premiered at the 2021 Hear Now Festival, where it won the Gold Selection “Mystery” award. All episodes are now up on the website.

“I Still Think About You” tells the story of Adam McClure, successful New York actor, who revisits a haunting incident from his past. When coincidence brings an old friend, Dylan, back into his life, Adam fears for his new relationship with Tom, his sanity, and his life. Unsettling and ominous, with twists and turns until the very end, “I Still Think About You” is part memoir, part psychological thriller, and part love letter to Broadway.

The plot thickens…

Seeking answers in therapy, Adam revisits ten years prior, recounting his arrival in gritty mid-1990s Manhattan–working as a waiter, a stint as a legal proofreader, clubbing with new friends—while pursuing a career on Broadway. Listeners meet characters from these early years in the City, including Caroline, a rich Southern belle, aspiring fashion photographer and Manhattan party girl, and Dylan Lodge, a sexy, darkly enigmatic actor who becomes a mentor to Adam. Both mysteriously exit his life, only to step from the shadows years later, with unforeseen consequences. 

Back in the mid-aughts ten years on, after returning to New York following grad school in California, Adam learns the violent details of Caroline’s sudden departure from Manhattan, he and Dylan have a deeply disquieting reunion far from the City, and Tony, a mysterious and unseen stranger, materializes in the background. What appears at first to be a series of odd coincidences, now seem to pivot around Dylan, with Adam left to unravel a sickening spiral of deception, obsession, and suspicion. 

As Adam digs deeper into the mystery of the insidiously menacing Dylan Lodge, what he finds makes him question everything, including who to trust, who he loves and what is real, and in doing so, changes the course of his life forever. 

“The inspiration came from walking my dog every day at the bay nearby where I live,” says Hutchison. “Last winter was an isolating time and during some of those solo walks I’d think about the fear in the news, fear of the pandemic, that unsettling feeling of this thing we have no control over. On those walks I’d let my mind wander and imagine someone/something out there behind a tree or watching from across the water and I realized it was this person, the Dylan character, I kept envisioning.”

An award-winning narrator of over 200 audiobooks, Hutchison took to his home studio to see if the story would work as an audio drama. “It seemed logical as the medium where I could really tell the story in a way that was interesting to me, and hopefully others,” he says. “So, I started calling friends and asking them to record dialogue for me, and then it was really happening.”

And as dark as it is and with all its twists and turns, it still pays tribute to New York City. “It is indeed a love letter to an artistic life, to the City,” says Hutchison. “I’m constantly moved by good acting I see in New York, but moreso by the people who love doing it, the people who move from across the country to a new life with a desire to fulfill this need to perform or design or create or become more of who they are, we are. I know, personally, how much it takes—belief in yourself when no one else does, paying your dues, the sacrifices along the way.”

All episodes now available. Links to listen, meet the cast and more at

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