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Bridgerton star Golda Rosheuvel honored by HRC

On Saturday night, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, hosted its Greater New York Dinner featuring British actress Golda Rosheuvel.

Revered British actress Golda Rosheuvel spoke about receiving advice not to come out publicly:

“I thought f*ck that. It’s more important for me to be authentic than to be in an industry that doesn’t accept me. I’ve always felt the need to be true to who I am no matter what.

“I thought it was bad advice. Representation matters. Our lives exist. Our stories need to be told so we can all be included in the landscape of storytelling and imagination. You are empowered when you see yourself represented. You are no longer other.

Bridgerton has brought me, a queer woman of color, into the living rooms of 83 million viewers, and counting…It allowed this biracial cisgender lesbian to play the first Black queen of England.”

Rosheuvel was honored with the HRC Equality Award and multi-platinum pop superstar Jessie J gave a show-stopping performance. Actors Tituss Burgess and Ian Alexander, actress and transgender rights activist Nicole Maines, and comedian Dana Goldberg also spoke at HRC’s event. 

The event also featured remarks from New YorkGovernor Kathy Hochul and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

The event featured speeches from HRC’s interim president Joni Madison, who used her remarks to directly confront the right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ misinformation campaign and called the current moment – when a slate of anti-LGBTQ+ bills are passing in states across the country and misinformation is rampant – an “emergency.”

“These lawmakers are simply pouring gasoline on a wildfire,” HRC Interim President Joni Madison said in her remarks of anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers. “They’re going on Fox News and reclaiming vintage hand-me-down hate – calling us predators and groomers. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called our community ‘pro-pedophile.’ But at the exact same time, one of her staunchest allies – Matt Gaetz – is under federal investigation for alleged sex crimes with a minor. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey went out of her way to attack trans kids under the guise of “protecting the children.” But she supported Roy Moore even after news came out that he engaged in sexual misconduct with 14-year-olds. It’s disgusting.

“It is clear that these leaders do not care at all about protecting children. Their hypocrisy is vile. Their actions are vile. Their rhetoric is vile. They are painting a target on our back – and then telling folks it is okay to go ahead and shoot.”

View Joni’s full speech here.

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