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Costa Rica offers a life-changing journey through plant-based medication

The ultimate trip awaits you in the biodiverse tropical paradise of Costa Rica, and we mean that in all senses of the word.

Travel is an opportunity for transformation and an alignment of inner and outer experiences. When we travel, we are often seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, but many of us are also seeking to return home changed — for the better. Costa Rica is one of those magical places people return to time after time, and often seek retirement there partly because of its abundance of nature.

While travel has traditionally attracted those seeking adventure and escape, a new frontier is growing rapidly: Wellness travel is forecast to more than double between now and 2027, according to Skift.

Rythmia Life Advancement Center — the world’s first medically licensed plant medicine-based transformational center — is located in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica, one of the five Blue Zones in the world, where people are believed to live happier, healthier lives, and often reach an age of 100.

Rythmia is a luxury, all-inclusive, medically licensed program dedicated to helping guests heal past traumas and reconnect to their soul’s true nature through the time-honored wisdom of plant medicine with an innovative modern approach to deliver a highly effective pathway to lasting personal growth and change. 

The Rythmia Way Program

Throughout their one-week stay, guests experience four profound and soul-merging Ayahuasca ceremonies. Ceremonies are led by experienced shamans who have been trained in the Colombian tradition by Taita Juanito and other well-respected teacher shamans. Originating from within the Amazon, especially in Peru, Ayahuasca has a rich history connected to the indigenous Costa Ricans. Rythmia’s ceremony is conducted with a brownish tea, Caapi, a combination of a creeping plant that grows in the jungle and plant leaves with hallucinogenic properties. This combination of plants allows the release and activation of DMT within the brain.

Rythmia has achieved a 97% guest satisfaction rate from the over 15,000 guests who have completed the Rythmia Way Program since 2016. Through the Rythmia Way program, guests work through Ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga, metaphysics classes, volcanic mud baths, life coaching, hydrocolonic cleanses, Rythmic breathwork, massage, and farm-to-table organic food.

The Rythmia Life program includes an integration program, classes, ceremony music, live webinars, livestreams, and speaker-series by today’s top thought leaders, including New York Times best-selling authors and entrepreneurs. 

To date, Rythmia has conducted over 32,000 individual ceremonial experiences. Rythmia is the #1 customer-rated transformational center and has garnered over 2,300 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. 15% of guests return to Rythmia for continued expansion and growth, with many returning multiple times.

Rythmia is the #1 Ayahuasca healing center for individuals committed to personal growth goals and seeking profound results.

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