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Elevate your Christmas decor with these inspiring rooms

Trimming the tree and dragging out the fairy lights can reach a whole new level with these beautiful decor ideas from Covet House.

Turning your house or apartment into a warm winter wonderland for the festive season does not have to look tacky. Thinking of your Christmas tree as an accent piece is the way to go, and choosing items such as mirrors, rugs, lamps, and cushions and throws can really help set the ambiance.

Spending time with friends and family means your seasonal decorations should not get in the way. We were inspired by these luxury design ideas for a memorable celebration at home, courtesy of Covet House. Think of it as your Christmas mood board. Happy Holidays!

An open space with soaring ceilings appears to be part of the natural world through its warm and soothing upholstery textures and neutral organic tones. The modular lounge, mirror, chandelier, rug and coffee table have no hard edges but appear to be inspired by natural forms. This living room was carefully put together with one clear goal: comfort and calm.

Gold is a wonderful, vibrant, festive, and elevating color — a powerful detail that is often used in small doses. However, it can be used as the main color for a room if all other shades are based and contrasted with it. And it doesn’t always have to be hard and metallic. Gold is also a trend for velvety furniture.

Speaking of gold velvet, this outrageous modular couch is the perfect place with plenty of room for the family to gather for unwrapping and unboxing gifts.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. It can also be bold. Here, beige velvet gets some structure from a black and white patterned rug, black granite fireplace, while the gold tree transcend this design to a luxury level.

Amore traditional tree tucked in the corner doesn’t overshadow the quirky shapes of the accent pieces in this room. The perfect setting for opening some new cherished presents!

And sometimes it’s fine to keep it simple. We love how the sparsely decorated green tree complements the rug and cushions, creating a livable and non-intrusive Christmas atmosphere, minus the ubiquitous holiday red.

And when it comes time to sit down the Christmas dinner, no matter how small or large the table, Covet House has some ideas for how to set the mood without compromising your aesthetic.

Christmas is a magical time, full of wonders and light, and stories of the birth of Christ and myriad traditions that have been observed thereafter. We love the way this room combines artifacts from other cultures and faiths in a setting with traditional touches. Here, the organic, the antique, the midcentury and the post-modern all seem to co-exist in perfect harmony—which is the right mood to strike for your 2023 Christmas dinner party.

This setting for eight imparts a feeling of affluence and richness through the use of gold paired with deep moss-colored velvet in the beautiful Stola Dining chairs, contrasting with Luxxu’s Apotheosis Dining Table. Again, the play on elements elevates this room to another level, contrasting organic shapes and earthly tones to the contemporary shapes of the furniture and architecture.

These modern classic dining rooms make the most of smaller areas with neutral and earthy tones, circular tables, and statement chandeliers which are evocative of the shapes of tree toppers such as stars and angels. The right setting for a cozier, personal Christmas dinner party. Resembling the Star on the top of the Christmas tree, the setting on the right features the Dorsey Suspension by Delightfull, illuminating the room with Christmas spirit. The softness of the oyster-colored velvet in the Soleil Chair from Boca do Lobo is only matched by the soothing texture of the Metamorphosis rug by Rug Society.

For more innovative home decor ideas, visit Covet House.

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