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Fashion icons Tim Gunn & Isaac Mizrahi endorse Mike Bloomberg for president.

NEW YORK​ — Today, fashion industry leaders Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg for president, touting his long-standing commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and his bold plan to advance equality. Later today, Mike will unveil a comprehensive policy to ensure ​equal treatment of all LGBTQ+ Americans in the workplace and their communities, address disparities in health care and treatment, protect LGBTQ+ youth and families, and end violence against LGBTQ+ people.

“The fight for LGBTQ+ rights didn’t end with our marriage equality victory in the Supreme Court,” said ​Tim Gunn​, host of the upcoming Amazon series “Making the Cut” and former “Project Runway” host. “Five years later, it’s still legal in many states for an employer to fire an LGBTQ+ person based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Mike Bloomberg knows this runs counter to America’s fundamental values of equality, liberty, and justice. And he has the compassion and courage of his convictions to fight for what’s right.”

Tim Gunn at the 81st Academy Awards

Gunn and Mizrahi have joined the Bloomberg campaign’s National LGBTQ+ Leadership Council (“Leadership Council”), a group of national leaders who will provide strategic counsel in reaching all parts of the LGBTQ+ community. The Leadership Council will also spearhead “Proud with Mike,” the national outreach program to engage LGBTQ+ voters and share Mike’s agenda for equal rights. Later today, members of the Proud with Mike coalition will host organizing events in several states to brief local supporters on the policy agenda and have community discussions on the impact that Mike’s policies will have on their lives.

Isaac Mizrahi by By Rhododendrites

“Our country has come a long way since my days as a young boy afraid to come out of the closet, but there’s still so much more we need to do to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our LGBTQ+ youth,” said designer and performer ​Isaac Mizrahi​. “No LGBTQ+ young person should ever have to worry about whether they’ll get bullied at school just for being who they are or, even worse, end up homeless because their family doesn’t accept them. I’m proud to support Mike Bloomberg because he’s been a faithful friend to the LGBTQ+ community for many years and will fight for our safety and equal rights as president. As mayor, Mike created the ‘Respect for All’ initiative to stop bullying in New York City’s public schools. As president, he’ll launch a national ‘Respect for All’ program to keep LGBTQ+ young people safe in schools across America. Mike knows we shouldn’t have to tell young people it gets better. He’ll make sure it’s better for all of us from his first day in the White House.”

In addition to the “Respect for All” initiative, ​as mayor, Mike worked hard to promote equality for LGBTQ+ New Yorkers. He extended anti-discrimination laws to include gender identity and launched programs to reduce homelessness for at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. During Mike’s tenure, New York City’s public hospital system became the first public healthcare system nationally to mandate comprehensive training to address LGBTQ+ health disparities.

Mike has supported marriage equality since 2005 and supported the fight for same-sex marriage in New York State, Maryland, Washington State, and Maine.

“I’m confident Mike will pass the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ+ Americans from discrimination in employment, housing, and other important areas that affect our daily lives,” said Tim Gunn​. “He’s committed to end the harmful practice of conversion therapy, make investigating hate crimes a top federal priority, and protect LGBTQ+ refugees and those seeking asylum in our country. I’m voting for Mike because he will make it work, and get it done, for the LGBTQ+ community and all Americans.”

Members of the Leadership Council include, in alphabetical order by first name:

Chris Svoboda, ​producer and former president, Virginia Equality Bar Association
Danielle Yoo​, Alumni Talent Executive at mthree
Gail Marquis​, former U.S. Olympian and basketball player
Isaac Mizrahi​, designer and performer
Jon Barrett​, former Editor in Chief of The Advocate

Mike Bloomberg Picture from Bloomberg Philanthropies

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One thought on “Fashion icons Tim Gunn & Isaac Mizrahi endorse Mike Bloomberg for president.

  • Bloomberg and his high profile celebrity backers may be prepared to drive through policies that will provide protections from explicit discrimination on the basis of ones sexual orientation but given the reality of life for the vast majority of LGBT persons particularly those of us 40 and over Tim Gunn & Isaac Mizrahi are hardly the watch dog figures that give me reason to hope. Given the branding thus far I wonder why Bloomberg wouldn’t back a figure like Tom Styre or go whole hog and endorse Bernie Sanders except that he is in the race to disrupt the more radical voices of the democratic party. For the majority of lgbt individuals Sanders offers the real meat and potatoes change that is needed. By addressing the fear and anxieties of all working class and poor american’s Sanders promises to advance a broad reaching positive change that will both provide the direct improvements and protections needed for aging gay and lesbian couples and singles to adress deficits that do not always translate into successful discrimination litigation. Under a Bloomberg presidency with figures like these uber wealthy celebs of the fashion industry no less LGBT concerns are all too likely to be seen as luxury goods that generous show of equanimity that even things up for a small group of elites and not critical protections and economic security and equal access to opportunities for modest wealth accumulation that enable couples to continue to share a life regardless of what some resident director may or may not feel positively inclined to support.


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