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OPINION: F*ck The Hallmark Channel!

“Christmas in July” is a fun way of looking at, and maybe preparing for, Christmas and getting some holiday cheer we are all craving, especially this year.

And of course, the announcement of the 40 new holiday themed movies from Hallmark comes at this time too!

The problem with Hallmark’s movies, and there are many, but that’s another articles worth of critiques, is the total lack of queer people featuring anywhere in their stories.

Plus, last year saw a huge controversy when an LGBTQ+ themed commercial was removed from Hallmark and a whole mishegoss ensued!

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But you know what, I say “FUCK Hallmark”, and I don’t mean in a good way. Why are we getting all upset when a channel that is dedicated to syrupy sweet repetitive story telling does exactly what it always does? I am not interested in challenging a channel to make TV that includes me, or my queer family, when there are plenty of movies and TV shows that show queer life all through the year on other channels, channels that WANT to include me and my queer brothers & sisters!

After the push back they received yesterday on not including queer content, an executive is quoted (via Out Magazine) as saying that “some of the movies included in its annual ‘Countdown to Christmas’ and ‘Miracles of Christmas’ holiday programming will include LGBTQ+ characters, actors, and story lines.”  I don’t believe it and I don’t care to be honest, if they do include anyone queer it will be a minor role, and I bet you it wont be any kind of major story line.

I am gonna head to HereTV, or Amazon, or even Disney, that are actually working hard to include queer representation. So Hallmark – you do you! Because I’m going take my money to where it’s wanted. And right now that’s HereTV!

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