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Films and TV series get a new ‘lesbian test’

The Curve Foundation has announced it will release the Curve Test at noon eastern time on April 24 in honor of Lesbian Visibility Day.

The test is a fun, thought-provoking tool to advance authentic representation for LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people.

Created by the film team behind the award-winning documentary AHEAD OF THE CURVE, the Curve Test looks at films and television series that feature lesbian, queer women, trans people, and/or non-binary people. It asks if they:

  • are focused on more than coming out
  • aren’t reduced to stereotypes

Films and series that pass the test help broaden and deepen representation beyond the stories that reduce this community to stereotypes. A gold star is awarded if the people in front of and behind the camera are LGBTQ+ or non- binary.

“The Curve Test is not intended to be used as a weapon to shame. Rather, the test is intended as a tool for conversation, a barometer to help us see where we are pushing the movement forward and where we need to put more attention,” says Curve Foundation Executive Director Jasmine Sudarkasa.

“Being able to see yourself authentically on screen is more important than ever to create change,” says co-creator Rivkah Beth Medow.

“LGBTQ+ women have long struggled to find role models and heroes because our stories haven’t been well told. In the face of increasing attacks on our rights, we know that positive representation makes our safety more possible. Checking to see if your favorite film or tv show passes the Curve Test is an easy way to spark the dialogue we need to improve our reality,” says co-creator Jen Rainin.

The Curve Test is available on the site, as a project of the Curve Foundation. The team are calling on creatives and audience members to nominate the films that pass the test. Join the conversation on social using #CurveTest to share your recommendations to inspire others.

The Curve Foundation intends to use the test to start a dialogue with industry colleagues to encourage screenwriters, directors and producers to think further about diversity & inclusion when crafting the stories of tomorrow.

About The Curve Foundation

Founded in 2021, the Curve Foundation’s mission is to empower lesbians, queer women, trans people, and non-binary people to share our culture and stories, connect with each other, and raise visibility. Curve magazine is a nonprofit project of The Curve Foundation, providing a portal into the lessons from our past that can inform our actions into the future.

About Ahead Of The Curve

The award-winning documentary chronicles the outrageous adventures of Franco Stevens, the woman who started Curve, the most successful lesbian magazine in the world in the ‘90s, and her journey to understand what LGBTQ+ women need today. “As outlandish as the best urban legends,” LA Times. “Accomplished, resonant, and deeply moving,” Hollywood Reporter. Streaming now on Starz and Apple TV. For more information or to book educational or corporate screenings, visit

About Frankly Speaking Films

Frankly Speaking Films is a queer women-led team, founded by Rivkah Beth Medow and Jen Rainin in 2020, to produce media that centers strong LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people to increase visibility and spark positive change.

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