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First look: 2021 VW Atlas offers both affordability and luxury

What’s new with this popular mid-size SUV choice? We test-drive the Volkswagen Atlas 2021.

The Volkswagen Atlas came late to the Sport Utility Vehicle party, having arrived about five years ago, proclaiming ‘Look at me, Look at me’ and begging buyers to buy one with a rather uninventive name like ‘Atlas’. (Admittedly, the reveal party on the beach at Santa Monica, California, was fun.)

2021 VW Atlas

Yet during that time, the Atlas has proven to be a consistent winner. Dubbed a midsized SUV, it can hold quite a bit and make quite a presence. Handling has always been a great combination of sturdiness and confidence with the right amount of get-up-and-go.  For families, this is the perfect size.

And let’s talk luxury: you want a vehicle that is quite the showboat but won’t siphon everything from your bank account. Prices start at $31,545, but trust me, that’s for the basics. If you want extras (ya know, the good stuff), you will need to go up the food chain. This will allow you to and customize.

You’ll need to customize to get true luxury out of this model

Mileage is 21/24 and the base engine is a four-cylinder. There is indeed plenty of room inside, assuming you don’t get the optional third row of seats (don’t). Many safety features are now standard and it can really be a good value if you want a good combo of value, luxury and practicality. As you go up the trims, you will find more luxury and more options that can suit your style, however you define it.

Volkswagen’s attempts over the years to enter the luxury market have more or less fallen flat. This attempt with the Atlas does seem to have worked.  There is luxury to be had at a decent price, along with practicality that works well when you have to entertain others.

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