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First look at return of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City

Two years ago Netflix announced a revival of the beloved “Tales of the City” and we have been waiting to find out more and more ever since. A series of images have just been released to give us a first glimpse of what the new season has in store. 

The casting is all that we could have hoped for with Olympia Dukakis,  Laura Linney & Barbara Garrick reprising their original roles from the original TV productions. We also get to see Ellen Page as Shawna Hawkins, Mary Ann’s daughter, and Charlie Barnett, who plays Mouse’s boyfriend, Ben Marshall.

Murray Bartlett as “Michael ‘Mouse’ Tolliver”; Laura Linney as “Mary Ann Singleton” (Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix)

The Netflix series picks up at the beginning of the 8th book in the nine books series and sees Mary Ann “returning home to San Francisco and is reunited with her daughter Shawna and ex-husband Brian, twenty years after leaving them behind to pursue her career. Fleeing the midlife crisis that her picture-perfect Connecticut life created, Mary Ann returns home to her chosen family and will quickly be drawn back into the orbit of Anna Madrigal and the residents of 28 Barbary Lane.

May Hong as “Margot” with boyfriend “Jake” played by Garcia (Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix)

“I couldn’t be more excited about this new brand-new incarnation of Tales,” Maupin said in a statement. “It’s set in present-day San Francisco with all the joys and complications that might suggest for the residents of 28 Barbary Lane. Mrs. Madrigal’s tenants, both old and new, will be entangled in delicious new adventures and ever-expanding possibilities for love.”

Murray Bartlett as “Michael ‘Mouse’ Tolliver” and his boyfriend “Ben Marshall” played by Charlie Barnett (Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix)

The 10-episode series is due to hit our screens later this year on Netflix so, like me, you should read all nine books again! Or, at least read the first seven so you are all caught up and ready to find out what happens next!

Olympia Dukakis as “Anna Madrigal” at 28 Barbary Lane (Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix)

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