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First-look image for new gay dating reality series, I Kissed A Boy

It’s 2023, and the UK is getting its first ever gay dating show, I Kissed A Boy! And you can’t get any gayer than a show about men kissing that’s obviously inspired by the title of a Katy Perry song and hosted by pop icon and sister of the legendary Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue! 

In BBC Three’s I Kissed A Boy it all starts with one kiss, and Dannii is playing Cupid for 10 single guys meeting for the first time. No, it’s not a movie – It’s reality TV! And these couples don’t get a chance to have a little chat or even text message before moving right in with a kiss at first sight to see if the chemistry is there and sparks fly… Or not! BBC Three has only released one first-look image, and we are literally squealing! 

First look at BBC Three's I Kissed A Boy

I Kissed A Boy is promised to be packed with explosive drama, gripping cliffhangers and powerful untold stories – from coming out in a strict religious family, to the pressures of body image in the gay dating scene, to navigating self-acceptance, sex and first gay relationships. 

Serving joy, entertainment and a sparkling soundtrack full of gay anthems, (I mean seriously, we just HAVE to hear a gay male cover version of “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry, right?!) I Kissed A Boy is the groundbreaking show that will celebrate the queer community and invites all viewers to join the party. We still can’t believe this is the UK’s first ever dating show geared specifically toward queer people, but better late than never! 

No trailer has been released yet for I Kissed A Boy, but will reportedly be launched on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer this summer! They are definitely building the anticipation for this, and we just love to see it! 

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