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Organize those closets and make room for more romance

It’s the season of love! What if you spent time as a couple establishing new household habits? It’s true clutter can impact your love life! Marty Basher, home design and organization expert with Modular Closets, shares his insight on decluttering your way to romance.

Clutter seems, on the surface, like a ridiculous thing to fight over, but the reality is many couples do! All the chocolate and champagne in the world won’t make up for yet another argument about the laundry piles and whose fault it is that they have been sitting for a week. 

Part of showing you care about another person is by being sensitive to their feelings and concerns. It’s hard to feel romantic towards another person when you also feel that they are purposely trying to bait you with mess, or nag you to death about picking up.

If you and your significant other have argued about clutter or other household messes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to work on fixing that, and a few other bad cleaning habits. Just a few simple changes can go a long way to keeping the romance alive.

New Habits For Love

Establish new habits to deal with daily clutter. Finding and agreeing on the right place to put things makes it easier for either person to put things away and either to find them again. Such as?

· Dirty laundry needs to go in a hamper. How many people don’t have a designated hamper in the bathroom or bedroom? A surprising number! If you are one of those numbers, get one! It can be part of a closet redesign, so that it’s in the right place: easy to access and easy to empty. Just the simple act of not leaving dirty socks all over the floor can go a long way to amping up the romance.

· If dishes piling in the sink drives your partner to distraction, make it a rule that the kitchen gets a clean up before bed time. Every single evening. It’s surprisingly easy to keep a good habit once it’s been well established! And if your partner cooked a lovely dinner, the clean up is on you!

· Pet mess is an issue for a lot of couples, from stray toys everywhere to overflowing litter boxes. Nothing will put a damper on romance like the odor of used kitty litter perfuming your home. Get into the habit of checking the box daily and changing it regularly.

· Deal with the ever present pile of clean laundry by getting in the habit of folding it and putting it away right after it comes out of the dryer. It is a nice feeling to know it’s done and dusted, plus it removes a huge clutter issue in the bedroom, paving the way to romance!

· Messy bathrooms are a stress point because it’s not just about mess in that case: it’s about hygiene. Closing the toilet lid and cleaning the space are two small but significant measures that can make all the difference in improving your partner’s mood.

· Work as a team. Couples benefit a lot in creating stronger bonds when they work together on something. Even something as basic as cleaning the house can create a feeling of teamwork that enhances the love and mutual respect they feel for one another, which can happily translate into a more physical manifestation that all the red roses in the world won’t inspire. That’s never a bad thing!

Create Spaces That Inspire Romance

If your partner is a habitual tidier, then forget the candles and flower petals and instead spring for a custom closet redesign in the bedroom. It’s the kind of gift that will show them that you see them and love them, more than any words could ever convey. When a person feels seen and appreciated, they feel grateful. Gratitude releases wonderful hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins; all designed to make a person feel happy and less stressed or anxious. For romance, these are key!

A few simple tips to boost the romance for V-Day

· Tidy up the bedroom and put clean linens on the bed. It’s a little thing that can go a long way.

· Add some silky pillows, candles or whatever else improves the space, making it more romantic and dreamy.

· Make sure the “good” wine glasses and dishes are clean and sparkling for the evening.

· If you live in a snowy area, clear a path to the hot tub! There’s nothing more romantic than a dip at the end of the evening.

· If your partner is taking a shower, run their towel through the dryer for a few minutes: a hot towel to wrap oneself in is a comforting luxury. Best make sure scented bath oils or bath bombs are at the ready too.

Long term commitments aren’t jobs, but they are work. You have to put in the work to keep the romance alive and kicking. It’s important to know what helps your loved one to feel calmer and less stressed, and if cleaning up the kitchen is the way to their heart, then get to it! It’s a small effort that can yield big results!

About the Author

Marty Basher is the home improvement and organization expert with Modular Closets, https://www.modularclosets.com. Marty regularly contributes on topics of DIY renovations, home design, organization, improvement and more, helping home owners get the most out of the spaces in their home. Modular Closets are high-quality and easy-to-design closet systems made in the USA you can order, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Using closet modules (organizational units you can mix & match to design your own modular closet), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve a true custom closet look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. 

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