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Global superstar Kylie Minogue discusses LGBTQ allyship and wine

Global superstar and beloved gay icon Kylie Minogue has been busy on a promotional tour of the US to promote her line of rosé wines. May 28, Kylie’s birthday, marked the second anniversary of the launch of Kylie Minogue Wines, distributed exclusively by London-based Benchmark Drinks. In honor of the milestone, the songstress and her team decided to extend the reach of the massively successful wine brand to North America. Her wines, which also include red and white varieties, have primarily only been available in Europe and Australia, that is, until now.

To mark the launch, Kylie performed an intimate one night only set at New York City’s Carlyle Hotel on June 6. This was just two days after making a cameo appearance at Coldplay’s concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Lucky fans in both states were treated to pop-up bottle signings and meet-and-greets from the Aussie Megastar. From the northeast, Kylie took a trip down south to Miami. Throughout her travels, Kylie made appearances on talk shows and did interviews with many media outlets including Vogue, W and GLAAD.

Speaking with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, Kylie covered a huge range of topics including her deep commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, her status as an LGBTQ+ icon and so much more. Here are some of the most quotable moments:

Kylie on recognizing her impact on the LGBTQ community:  

“The thing is I hear that a lot or I read it on [social media] or I get letters and my heart kind of swells with pride – and sometimes sadness that it’s taken something other than the people closest to you to find yourself and express yourself and be accepted.  How on earth I’ve had anything to do with it mystifies me, but I guess music and voice can be powerful and it means a lot to me when I hear that.”  

On her decades long allyship to the LGBTQ community : 

“Obviously I’ve worked with a lot of the community throughout my entire career which has been since a young person – and my sister’s career.  I guess it was very normal to us. I love the fact that my shows and work [are] inclusive and always have been so it’s something I’m very proud of but also something that’s very natural but I do appreciate that all our voices help.” 

On when she first became aware of her “gay icon” status: 

“I’ve got one story that was kind of an ‘ah ha’ moment. I think it was 1990 and I was in Sydney and there was a very famous gay bar on Oxford Street, and they were doing a ‘Kylie’ night – which I’d never heard of and never been to. I remember being in the car with my manager at the time was there and I said we should go. He said that’s just too much organization [and] we don’t have time but, in that moment, I thought ‘Oh my god! What is that?’. I heard there were people dressed as me and it sounded like a good time. So that was the first moment I thought ‘Wow, something’s kind of happening’…over the years I think I’ve just always tried my best. I’ve tried to be myself. Anyone in this industry knows there’s obstacles [with] how to be accepted as yourself and that’s just what I try to do with anyone.”  

On the recent challenges for the LGBTQ community in the US: 

“In all different communities everyone has to be heard [and] understood – that might not be easy. I think within acceptance is also acceptance that it might take a minute for other people to understand. We can only just keep working, keep up the noise, find the joy within the noise and try to be best version of our true selves. We’re changing all the time so it’s complex, but I think the community is strong and more than capable. I am a very proud ally. 

On loving seeing the LGBTQ community dress up as her: 

“The irony is, I am always the least ‘Kylie’ in the room!  I went to a gay club and the next thing you know I was onstage with four ‘Kylie’ lookalikes, and I was the least Kylie! They were 110 percent versions of me!” 

On her all-time favorite fashion moment: 

“The video for ‘Slow’ in that Balenciaga dress is hard to beat!”  

On her wine: 

“The point that I trace it back to is recording the album ‘Golden’in Nashville, which was just an incredible time for me. I felt liberated and inspired. It was just a very special time for me and [it] was a million degrees. It’s like training when you go from the hotel to the car with the humidity. One night I was holding this glass of Rosé and just the way the light was coming through it – it was just a beautiful time and beautiful moment. I said I would love to have my own Rosé one day.” 

Watch the full GLAAD interview here:

Purchase Kylie Minogue Wines HERE.

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