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GOP plans to cut to senior benefits following Social Security anniversary

Following Sunday’s 87th anniversary of Social Security becoming law, the DNC launched a digital ad campaign today targeting seniors in states across the country to make sure they know Republicans’ ultra-MAGA agenda includes calls to cut Social Security and Medicare.

The ads also highlight Democrats’ work to protect Medicare and lower health care costs for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act. The campaign includes digital video ads targeting seniors on YouTube, as well as display ads on the AARP Magazine website. 

See some coverage of the ads nationally and in the states where they’re airing:

National: Politico: Weekly Score

  • Key Point: “The DNC is launching a digital ad campaign targeting Republicans over Social Security and Medicare benefits. The ads, which come after the House passed the Inflation Reduction Act on Friday, will be targeting seniors and retirees in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada on YouTube and the AARP magazine website. A recent AARP survey showed that 80 percent of voters 50 and older are “extremely motivated” to vote in November.”

Colorado: Colorado Politics: National Democrats say GOP will jeopardize Social Security, Medicare in Colorado digital ad campaign

  • Key Point: “Landing the day after the 87th anniversary of the law establishing Social Security, the ads focus on a plan floated earlier this year by U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, the Florida Republican who heads the GOP’s chief Senate campaign committee, for Congress to reauthorize the popular programs on an annual basis starting in five years, an approach Democrats warns could lead to cuts. The ads also feature Democratic climate and budget legislation headed to President Joe Biden’s desk that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, among other health care provisions.”

Florida: Florida Politics: DNC ad slamming Rick Scott targets seniors on Social Security

  • Key Point: “Social Security just turned 87. Now, Democrats are telling voters U.S. Sen. Rick Scott wants it dead. A digital ad launched Monday by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) targets Florida seniors regarding a controversial Midterm agenda released in February by Scott, Chair of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. That plan originally called for all Americans to pay some income tax and for programs like Social Security to potentially sunset.”

Georgia: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Jolt: Safety Net

  • Key Point: “The Democratic National Committee is out with a new digital ad campaign aimed at Georgia seniors. The DNC ad campaign focuses on GOP proposals to sunset Social Security and Medicare programs, along with Democratic efforts to cut seniors’ prescription drug costs, which passed last week under the Inflation Reduction Act.”

North Carolina: MyFox8: Democrats launch new ad in North Carolina about Social Security, Medicare

  • Key Point: “The Democratic National Committee launched in North Carolina today a digital ad campaign to attack Republicans for what the DNC calls their plan to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. The ad, following Sunday’s 87th anniversary of the date when Social Security became law, is largely positioned to bring attention to GOP comments about – and what Democrats say is a plan to eliminate – Social Security and Medicare.”

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Older voters delivered for Dems in 2020. Will they repeat in Pa. in 2022? | Monday Morning Coffee

  • Key Point: “Now, with control of Congress on the line, and Pennsylvania a key part of their electoral strategy, Democrats are making a play for the Keystone State’s older voters with a new digital ad campaign highlighting what they say are Republican-backed plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. For the completists among you, the release of this new campaign by the Democratic National Committee comes the day after Social Security’s 87th birthday on Sunday.”

Wisconsin: WisPolitics: DNC Press: Following Social Security anniversary, new DNC ads call out GOP plans to cut WI seniors’ benefits

  • Key Point: “‘Instead of celebrating Social Security on its 87th birthday, Republicans are doubling down on their ultra-MAGA agenda of cutting Social Security and Medicare, which could put the benefits that Wisconsin seniors rely on in jeopardy. As Democrats are poised to lower prescription drug costs and continue protecting Medicare for seniors, Republicans have rallied behind plans that could slash their hard earned benefits – showing that only one party is fighting for Wisconsin seniors this November,’ said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.”

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