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Groundbreaking new LGBTQ film centers on disability

New movie T11 Incomplete also hired disabled and LGBTQI cast and crew.

T11 Incomplete is written and directed by Suzanne Guacci, a recipient of the distinguished Ravenal Feature Film Grant. The film has appeared at multiple festivals worldwide and had its premiere at Outfest.

Guacci is a former New York State Trooper who lost her right leg in the line of duty in 2001 and went on to become an award winning, writer/director and producer. She created Aspire Productions in 2007 with the intention of telling authentic character driven films about the LGBTQ and disabled communities. Her films have screened at festivals all over the world including Frameline, Outfest and BFI. Currently, Aspire films can be seen on various platforms including Amazon Prime, cable, VOD and broadcast television worldwide.

T11 Incomplete is a story with disability at its center. The term “T11 Incomplete” refers to the point of severing on the spine that causes paraplegia but being an “incomplete” paraplegic means that the patient still has some feeling, they are not completely numb.

In her Directorʼs statement Guacci says: “T11 Incomplete refers to an ‘incomplete’ severing of the 11th Thoracic vertebrae of the spine causing paraplegia… That was the starting point in writing this story because we, collectively as human beings, are all ‘incomplete.’ Through the battles of life, we all have had our T11 either metaphorically or literally severed; be it by failure, illness, addiction, divorce, death, abandonment or like Laura in the film, a literal severing of the spine. Each of us has had a “severing” that has stopped us dead in our tracks, damaging and changing us forever,” says Guacci.

“And yet as human beings, it is the essence of our spirit that allows us to hope. To open our eyes and rise; to work through our pain so that we may possibly feel again, love again and carry on another day. We are not numb. Yes, we are all “incomplete” but in the very best possible way.”

The film is about Kate Murphy (Karen Sillas), who lost everything when she hit rock bottom. Now, ten years sober, middle aged and living alone with her elderly cat, Kate strives to rebuild her broken life and repair her damaged relationship with her son Jack (Zachary Booth). Barely making ends meet as a visiting home health aide, Kate marches quietly through her uneventful days, until she is assigned a young, beautiful, paraplegic patient named Laura (Kristen Renton). Bonded by their mutual suffering, the two women share an undeniable connection, and it isn’t long before they fall deeply in love. But when Kate steals money to save her dying cat, she betrays Laura’s trust and finds her fragile world shattered once again.

Find out more about the film here. View the film here.

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