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GROWLr Launches Livestream Entertainment Series

GROWLR, the bear social network, has begun airing live shows on its app which began on, May 7 with everyone’s favorite furry rapper presenting his new weekly show, Big Dipper Live. You can see his next shows every Thursday for the rest of May.

I’m having a lot of fun with the livestreams on GROWLr . I thought I would be uncomfortable just talking into a void, but people are so engaging in the comments, and people watching the streams can join the livestream and we get to video chat. It’s really cool. I thought most of the conversation would be just like fun and flirty, which it is, but we’ve also had some really poignant chats about body positivity, racism and discrimination, and adjusting to pandemic life. I really look forward to the streams every Thursday. And this week I’m gonna talk about my new music : THE HAM AND CHEESE EP, which comes out 5/27. I think I’m even going to preview some music!

Big Dipper

Justin T. Russo will also be slinging cocktails on Wednesday nights, with “Cocktails With Justin”!

This format is such a positive way for people to interact and share ideas and stories in real time. There’s a huge difference in someone talking at you versus with you. This helps unite disparate thoughts into one forum for a community.

Justin T. Russo

“With bars and clubs still closed and members continuing to follow government guidelines of sheltering in place, we decided to bring the colorful world of gay nightlife entertainment to men in their homes,” says Phil Henricks, Senior Director of Marketing at GROWLr. 

In addition to offering viewers live entertainment specially tailored for the bear community, the GROWLr Livestream Entertainment Series is intended to help support LGBTQ artists, many of whom have lost their major sources of income due to the pandemic.

“LGBTQ performers are an important part of the fabric of our community. We value them as artists and are thrilled to compensate them for their participation in our programming,” Henricks adds.

“GROWLr Live provides a safe and entertaining way for the community to be together and make new connections from the comfort of their own homes. We look forward to announcing additional shows in the coming weeks.”

All shows are free to everyone on the GROWLr app at https://app.adjust.com/kbtyap8.

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