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Hasbro games subsidiary raises $1.3 million for Trevor Project

Pride Across The Multiverse, a Magic the Gathering Secret Lair drop from Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, has earned and donated just a little over $1.3 million to The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project, an American nonprofit founded in 1998, focuses on providing crisis and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth via a toll-free hotline, as well as trained counsellors.

There have been previous Magic The Gathering drops to raise money and support charities, such as Extra Life, Black Girls CODE, and many more. However Wizards’ Pride Across the Multiverse has received the largest amount of support, with Forbes reporting that this series of cards “is the most successful charitable product drop in Wizards’ history.” As always, the LGBTQ+ community comes out for its own.

With over 60,000 packs of cards sold between May and June 2022, it’s no surprise that the drop has been so successful. With every purchase of the Pride Across the Multiverse, 50% was donated to The Trevor Project.

What made Pride Across the Multiverse so special was each card involved featured art from LGBTQ+ artists, depicting a wonderful display of sweet (and spicy) people in love and showing off their Pride. The full set of cards, and the artists behind them, were: Alesha, Who Smiles at Death (Winona Nelson), Bearscape (Ricardo Bessa), Collective Voyage (Ricardo Bessa), Heartbeat of Spring (Peo Michie), Mana Confluence (Jabari Weathers), Savor the Moment (Kieran Yanner), Sol Ring (Lauren YS), and Triumphant Reckoning (Merlin G.G).

“From the start, we wanted this Secret Lair to celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community’s relentless creativity. There was no way this collection of eight cards would represent EVERY aspect of the community, but we wanted to honor the hope and joy found in our multifaceted identities,” Stephanie Cheung, art director previously stated. “It is our hope that people find some part of their own unique selves reflected in these cards. […] “As a queer Asian American woman, working on this drop was deeply meaningful and a tremendous challenge. This was my first-ever art direction experience, and I am incredibly thankful for the mentorship of Jess Lanzillo and the support from Jontelle Leyson-Smith. I had the immense pleasure of working with an incredibly talented and playful group of people on this project.”

Unfortunately Pride Across the Multiverse is no longer available to purchase directly from Secret Lair.

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