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Help rebuild queer safe haven 3F Studios

As we all know, safe spaces for queer people are absolutely vital, especially in the current political climate. That’s why it was such a blow to the queer community in New York City when news surfaced that 3F Studios had suffered a massive electrical fire.

Located just off Union Square, 3F Studios was founded by beloved Latinx community leader Aaron Rodriguez in 2017 as a place to further his work as a healer and to provide a safe space and sanctuary to other healers from all backgrounds.

Offering studio and treatment room space at a fraction of what other spaces in Manhattan charges has made the studio an invaluable resource for so many LGBTQ+ and BlPOC groups and wellness practitioners. The loss of that space has had an enormous impact on so many people, but Rodriguez has made it his priority to get the space up and running again at the very soonest.

We sat down with Aaron to get a bit of background on 3F Studios and to find out how we could help him rebuild.

Q40: What led you to open 3F Studios? And what is its intended mission?

Aaron Rodriguez (AR): I originally opened 3F Studios as a place where I could further my craft as a healer, massage therapist, sacred intimate, pro dom and educator in a safe and more honest environment. I wanted a space that could also be home to other healers of various expertise. The idea was to build a sanctuary where all could feel welcome, included and seen as valid, legitimate entities that can serve the community.

Q40: What types of groups or people utilize the space? 

AR:  3F Studios is home to a diverse group of private healers, educators and community leaders. We represent LGBTQIA+ and other disenfranchised communities, all of which have a common belief that everyone can experience healing, pleasure and connection.

Q40: How long do you anticipate 3F being shut down?

AR: The 14th street studios will be shut down for 3-5 months depending on multiple factors of inspection, cleanup and full rebuilding of the structure, plus also filling up the space back to its original form with all of the lost equipment.

Q40: What can we do to help?

AR:  The best help at the moment would be if people could donate and/or share the GoFundMe Rebuild 3FStudios link:

Other ways to help would be to support our other ventures currently being held at alternate locations until 3F Studios can reopen. There’s Daddy Retreat, an all-male identified group focused on healing, connection and education in sex positive, sacred and alternative modalities. And then there’s Pagans Paradise which mirrors Daddy Retreat in its offerings but is open to all genders with many queer focused offerings.

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