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How to maintain healthy sleep this Holiday season

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s hard to get proper rest. Here are some tips to help you.

We are constantly rushing around to go places, see people, and purchase things. We have gatherings to attend with family and friends, gifts to shop for, groceries to buy, holiday events to see, and many household chores to complete. There are office parties, holiday plays and pageants, decorations, and what seems like never ending cooking and baking. Stress levels become heightened and children’s energy levels seem to spike contributing to the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion for many people during the holidays. This hectic time of year can throw our routines out of balance and affect our health and wellness including our quality of sleep.

A deep, restful sleep is something that is not only necessary for general health, but also is needed to get you through the rigorous holiday season. There are some helpful strategies you can use to promote more restful and regular sleep during the holidays. Trying to get an early start to the holiday checklist and avoiding procrastination can prevent a build up of tasks.  Make a list of responsibilities that need to be completed in order of difficulty and completion date while also marking them on your calendar. This can save you from the stress of doing too much at the last minute and staying up late at night to complete anything that still needs to be done.  You do not want any pesky thoughts of unfinished tasks hanging over your head keeping you awake at night.  

We know it sounds hard to do, but keeping to your regular sleep schedule will also help your body and mind to recover more efficiently.  During the holidays, we want to stay up later and socialize with our friends and family, especially if we have not seen them in a while.  However, you should not vary your sleep schedule by more than an hour. Even a few hours of sleep deprivation can cause significant mood changes and even make you more vulnerable to catching a cold.  

healthy eating
Eat more greens and grains, less candies and booze

Avoid overindulging in snacks and alcoholic beverages, especially before bedtime. The holidays tend to always come with tempting and copious amounts of delicious foods. From the feasts of turkey and ham to the various kinds of cookies, pies, and candies, it can be difficult to not overfill yourself. However, too much of certain types of foods can disrupt your sleep. Resist the temptation to go back for more cake, pie, or other sugar-filled treats that can keep you awake or interrupt your sleep cycle. Pile on more greens, whole grains, and fruits during dinner, and if you are going to have a snack before bed, make it a small one.  Alcoholic beverages can contain large amounts of sugar, so stopping your consumption a few hours before bedtime can be helpful. As alcohol can make you drowsy, it can also diminish your quality of sleep leading to headaches and fatigue the following day.  

In addition to these holiday habit strategies, you can also supplement a healthier sleep by using herbal products. Earthley is a unique health and wellness brand that is dedicated to producing 100 percent clean, all-natural herbal products. Earthley’s mission is to educate people about the safe and efficient uses of herbal remedies, so that people may take control of their own health and wellness with a sense of empowerment. 

Start exploring herbal remedies that promote relxation

Lead herbalist and CMO of Earthley, Kate Tietje, says, “We do everything ourselves with absolutely no outsourcing to a third party, because it’s important to us to know that the products we’re selling are truly clean.” She adds, “This allows us to produce remedies and body care that are extremely safe, as well as extremely effective for the whole family.” Earthley offers products such as lotions, tinctures, soaps, powders, and much more.  To assist people with promoting healthy, restful sleep this holiday season, Earthley has many fantastic products:

  • The “Sleepy Time Herbal Extract” contains catnip, skullcap, and passionflower.  This helps with deep, restful sleep and can reduce anxiety and stress.  It is also safe for children ages one and older.
  • The “Herbal Soothing Bath” contains organic herbs like witch hazel, lavender, calendula, and more.  It is a wonderful way to relieve tension, relax muscles and joints, stimulate circulation, and promote healthy sleep.
  • The “Good Night Lotion” contains magnesium, nourishing butters, and lavender oil.  Magnesium chloride is used to support restful sleep and even helps to relieve leg and muscle cramps, growing pains, headaches, occasional constipation, and more.

These are just a few of the helpful products that you can purchase from Earthley. Whether it is to promote healthy sleep for an adult or a child, Earthley has the highest quality herbal remedies that will support those needed restful nights for the whole family this holiday season. You can also browse Earthley’s Holiday Gift Sets, which include the “Sweet Dreams Gift Set.”  

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