Friday, June 14, 2024
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HRC launches new grants program for transgender community

This year has been the worst, but it’s been especially deadly for transgender people. Now, the HRC’s Transgender Justice Initiative has announced a much-needed small grants program.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF), the educational arm of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, announced the launch of a new small grants program as a part of the organization’s Transgender Justice Initiative (TJI). The program will award $30,000 nationally in the form of 30 $1,000 grants to community members advancing transgender justice initiatives rooted in partnership with outside organizations. Four grants per city will be available in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, New Orleans and Philadelphia. An additional six grants will be available nationally.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is also proudly supporting Destination Tomorrow’s work offering one-time COVID-19 rapid response grants to trans and non-binary community members in need. The grants will be available nationwide. During this increasingly difficult time, many transgender people who already face high rates of poverty are in need of additional assistance. Destination Tomorrow provides emergency aid grants for food, housing and other basic necessities. To learn more about applying for a grant go to

Alphonso David of the HRC

“Last September, the Human Rights Campaign launched the Transgender Justice Initiative, partnering with community-based activists to combat stigma and discrimination, and advance meaningful solutions to the challenges facing transgender and non-binary people,” said Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David.

“With today’s launch of this small grants program and our new partnership with Destination Tomorrow, we are embarking on a new phase in this important work. Through these programs, we will work to develop and strengthen our communities and provide tangible support to activists who are doing the work on the ground of supporting transgender and non-binary people, as well as those who need additional assistance,” said Alphonso.

“Today, we’re proud to launch this new program and partnership to support transgender and non-binary people,” said Human Rights Campaign Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative Tori Cooper. “As someone who has done this work on the ground for decades, I know firsthand that these grants will go a long way towards helping local advocates continue to support their communities, and  support transgender and gender non-conforming people who need assistance during the holidays. Through the Trans Justice Initiative, these small grants and all of our programming, the Human Rights Campaign is committed to uplifting the work that’s being done throughout the country to help transgender and non-binary people to not just survive, but thrive.”

First launched in September 2019, HRC’s Transgender Justice Initiative (TJI) was created to advance new initiatives that address the urgent needs of the transgender and non-binary community, with specific attention to community members deeply impacted by racism, sexism and transphobia. Through the four pillars of economic opportunities, strategic communications, capacity building and public safety, the HRC’s TJI works with community-based activists across the country to combat stigma and discrimination and to advance meaningful solutions to the challenges facing transgender and non-binary community members.

To learn more about applying for a grant, visit

Destination Tomorrow is a grassroots agency and the LGBTQ+ center of the Bronx borough. Its comprehensive programming and services work to make sure Bronx LGBTQ+ community members, and those who love and support them, have space. We also offer capacity building to agencies who wish to work with LGBTQ communities but lack the cultural competency, expertise and space to do so.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is the educational arm of America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. HRC envisions a world where LGBTQ people are embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community.

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