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If These Ovaries Could Talk podcast to launch season 10 with new host

Award-winning podcast If These Ovaries Could Talk, the queer families podcast launches 10th season with news of a makeover.

If These Ovaries Could Talk (ITOCT), the award winning and popular queer families podcast announces a major facelift for their Season 10 launch in September. ITOCT launched in 2018 with two lesbian moms who had no idea how popular the show would become. Now, 4 years later, they are excited to share a big transition: a new co-host!

E~ Bradshaw brings to the show a non-binary black perspective, aligning ITOCT even more fully with the beautifully diverse LGBTQIA+ community that they represent. With over 170 queer family-building stories and 1 million downloads (and counting), Season 10 launches with the intention of sharing more stories from LGBTQIA+ communities and folks who are grossly under-represented in media.

The jam-packed slate includes Cade Russo-Young, daughter from the popular and controversial documentary “Nuclear Family,” influencers Emma & Lee (@emmalee_loves), The Two Mom Browns (thetwomom_browns) and author and podcaster Jessi Hempel. Topics range from what happens when your sperm donor sues for custody, giving birth as a trans male, navigating a cancer diagnosis as a new non-bio mom and two dads navigating the Mexican government to get their surrogate, born baby out of the country. 

Previous prominent guests have included Rosie O’Donnell, Michelle Buteau, fitness guru Shaun T, CEO of GLAAD Sarah Kate Ellis, Judy Gold, and Staceyanne Chin

ITOCT is a podcast where two queer parents (a lesbian and a non-binary) chat about making babies and non-traditional families. Our goal with each episode is to highlight, uplift and normalize queer families, letting the whole world know that aside from the fact that we work very hard to create our intentional families and to show up in a world that was not designed for us, we’re also just like everyone else with kids, trying not to yell at them when they refuse to put their shoes on and we’re already 25 minutes late for school! The end result is a compelling and fun interview style podcast that leaves every listener wanting more.”

A book based on the podcast, titled If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family was released in 2020 and won an Alternative Choice Award and was a finalist for a Goldie Crown Literary Award. Amy Schumer said, “I f*%$ng love this book.”  

Tune in here.

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