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Insightful new documentary probes question of afterlife

Beyond the Grave, filmmaker Serena DC’s insightful documentary on what happens after we die, has been acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment for a digital release this Fall.

Death is the only certainty we have in life, and yet we know so little about it. The pic will explore the different aspects of the afterlife including near death experiences, channeling the dead and the attempt to extend one’s lifespan thru cryonics.

After living through a global pandemic, in 2022 death has been placed at the forefront of our lives however what actually happens to us when we die is still shrouded in mystery.

There are some cultures who believe that death is truly the end however there is a growing community of people around the world who claim to have had near death experiences. These people, in the tens of millions believe that they have travelled beyond the grave and have proof of the afterlife and that consciousness lives on after our bodies die.

If this is true then can the terminally ill freeze their bodies at the time of death, to be brought back to life and healed in the future? There are others who possess a sixth sense and claim to have conversations with the dead or have experienced paranormal phenomena involving visitations by ghosts. Does this mean that humans can communicate with the spirits of people who have died and if so, can these spirits come back to haunt us? These are the questions asked in the new documentary Beyond the Grave by the filmmakers.

Serena DC meets with the world’s leading scientists, doctors, experts, mediums and paranormal investigators to discover if there really is life Beyond The Grave.

“Appealing to both a true crime and conspiracy theory audience, as well as those genuinely interested in what happens after we depart, is one immersive, captivating documentary”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “Fans of Gates of Heaven and Afterlife will find this beautiful new companion piece on digital in September.”

Serena DC is the internationally recognized TV Star, Screenwriter, and Executive Producer who created the feature film “Contact – The CE-5 Experience” starring Dr. Steven Greer, the Emmy nominated documentary “My Transparent Life” & Emmy nominated series “Hollywood Disclosure” which has just finished airing on Hulu across the USA & the reality series “Dream Life” which is currently airing on worldwide on Pluto TV.

Beyond the Grave will release on Digital September 5, 2023.

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