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Introducing, the Big Gay Bidet

Big Gay Bidet is introducing the portable travel bidet – the latest gadget craze on the market!   

The Bio Bidet TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet is the newest must-have travel accessory that helps you keep fresh and clean while on the go. No batteries are required to operate the handy device, which is instead chargeable through a USB cable that plugs directly into any computer, wall outlet, or even your car! It also comes with a nice little convenient carrying case.  

Not only is the portable travel bidet more efficient and hygienic than tissue paper, it is also more environmentally friendly.  “There’s so much waste in our waste,” says company co-founder Lars Kleinstein.  “Toilet paper destroys 27,000 trees every day. By replacing paper with a bidet, we’re cutting this number down and keeping more trees in the ground.”  

The idea for Big Gay Bidet started earlier this year, when Kleinstein and business partner Rick Tiner were turned on to the positive environmental effects and health benefits associated with using a bidet. Prior to staring Big Gay Bidet, neither one of them had a background in the toilet accessories industry.  

Rick Tiner has spent most of his career in customer service and IT related jobs, while Lars Kleinstein is a wardrobe dresser on Broadway.  Both were drawn to the comedic idea of owning a toilet shop, as well as the opportunity to work with and create products that promote sustainability and the desire to help save the planet.  

It was Kleinstein’s decision to name the company Big Gay Bidet, since he believes that the LGBTQ community in America will be among the first to jump on the bidet bandwagon. “Bidets contribute to the happier and healthier lifestyle the LGBTQ community seeks,” he says. 

Long in use in Europe and Japan, bidets are becoming more popular in American homes, although many people do not know exactly what they do. Bidets wash the anus and/or genitals by spraying water to remove unwanted waste. A toilet is used to capture waste, but a bidet is used to help remove feces or aid feminine hygiene after a trip to the toilet. 

Today’s home bidets are built into a toilet or toilet seat, and some models even warm the body, dry afterward, and perform other functions.  They can be a substantial investment, but most bidet owners agree it’s a worthwhile one.

“That’s what makes the portable bidet the perfect gift,” exclaims Kleinstein. “It’s much lower in cost yet offers many of the important benefits of the full-sized home model.

“We love the portables because they have made converts of tissue paper users and convinced many to upgrade to the full-sized home model,” he adds.

The Bio Bidet TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet is available now, along with a large collection of standard home models.

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