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Kristen Kish releases new lip-smacking line of Korean-inspired aperitifs

Kristen Kish is on fire this year! After a successful turn as cohost on Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend back in July, the multi-talented chef and media personality is unveiling her own line of aperitifs.

YOBO, the female-founded leader in the Asian American Spirits industry, is proud to announce the launch of their collaboration with world-renowned chef, Kristen Kish, on a new range of modern aperitifs inspired by an evolving Korean American identity. Created by Kristen Kish, Top Chef winner, author, celebrity television host, and restaurateur, to disrupt the traditionally Western category, Yobo_Kish pays homage to Kristen’s Korean roots and brings together her passion for unique flavors, unexpected ingredients, and the intricate balance needed to accompany any exquisite meal.

Photo: Yobo Soju

Each aperitif is a deeply personal reflection of Kristen’s story, ethos, and heritage. As a proud Korean American and member of the LGBTQ community, Kristen’s self-expression is represented through one-of-a-kind flavor profiles and curated names; Shine (kumquat, rose, ginger), Bliss (sour cherry, pink peppercorn, licorice), Seoul (hibiscus, lemon balm, raw honey) and Earth (smoked mushroom, umami).

“I’m thrilled to unveil my line of aperitifs inspired by my passion for food, the many journeys of my life, and my Korean American heritage. A family of four aperitifs, each has its own story to tell pulling from specific memories and moments that I cherish. It’s an honor to share my stories with you,” said Kish in a statement to the press.

Photo: Yobo Soju

Co-created with Yobo Soju, levering soju as its base, Yobo_Kish is crafted from all natural ingredients with no artificial additives, no artificial colors, and is well balanced at 21% A.B.V. Each aperitif is designed to stretch the imagination of mixologists and chefs of all levels to create a new generation of elevated Asian American mixology. 

Yobo_Kish will launch in select markets in 2022 and expand nationally in 2023. You can also purchase Yobo_Kish online at Reserve Bar for $38.99 (750 ml) and $20.99 (375 ml).

About Yobo Drinks

Founded in 2015 by Carolyn Kim, lawyer, and mother of twins, Yobo Soju launched as the first American-made craft soju produced in the New York Finger Lakes. Today, Yobo Drinks is a leading Asian American spirits house producing nearly 20 SKUs across a wide range of formats and flavors, each balancing a deep respect for heritage with a passion to forge new innovation.

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