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LA-based choir Tonality joins deaf and LGBTQ+ advocacy artists for music video

The video for ‘No, Child. No Child.’ is stunning.

LA-based choral ensemble Tonality has partnered with deaf and LGBTQ+ performers, filmmakers and ASL interpreters to produce a music video for“No, Child. No Child.”  — a story of a young LGBTQ+ person finding acceptance and self-love. This is not simply a closed caption video. Deaf artists actually perform the music in ASL.

This video is a continuation of award-winning Tonality’s core mission to make a tangible difference within the community by partnering with organizations to bring diverse voices and perspectives about issues rarely presented in choral music to a larger audience.  Composed by Alex Wurman, the song features on Tonality’s new album, America Will Be.  

“Representation is so important to our mission and stories of the LGBTQ community finding acceptance and self-love aren’t limited to hearing community,” says Tonality Founder and Artistic Director, Alexander Lloyd Blake. “This composition by Alex Wurman sets music to a powerful narration of an individual who is learning to accept themselves in their LGBTQ identity and we are honored to work with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ deaf performers and ASL interpreters to share a message of inclusion in a broader and more beautiful way and help inspire communication and foster empathy toward each other.”

Mickey Mak | Photo: Instagram

“No, Child. No Child.” features BIPOC and LGBTQ+ deaf artists and ASL interpreters of color including Andrea ‘Dre’ Hollingsworth known for her comedy work, along with her hearing daughters 11-year old twins Aimee and Ashlee Hollingsworth, Mickey Mak, and co-director Justin Jackerson.

Mickey Mak, a gay and non-binary person of color (She/They/Them/Theirs) says:

“I was invited by one of my former interpreters to be in Tonality’s ASL music video. It was the first time I’d ever filmed a music video so it was exciting to meet and work with other deaf artists and directors to create a beautiful and accessible video. It took me about four days to learn half the lyrics, but I was determined to do it because the song, ‘No, Child. No, Child‘ resonates with me on a personal level. I grew up in religious family and my parents didn’t accept I was gay and non-binary and I felt isolated and lonely for many years. I hope this video will help LGBTQ+ young people who are struggling to find acceptance and love as well as increasing awareness of ASL and deaf culture.”

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