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Later Daters game challenges dating stereotypes

Bloom Digital Media has announced that it has ported its 2020 dating simulator Later Daters to Android and iOS.

With the mobile versions, Later Daters is now available on Steam,, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Bloom Digital Media’s latest visual novel follows a player character who has made the difficult decision to move into a retirement community after the death of their long-time partner. They pack up their dog and move away from their former home to Ye OLDE retirement community, where they meet an interesting cast of other senior citizens. According to Bloom Digital Media:

Later Daters makes the bold claim that adventure, passion, and transformation are not experiences reserved for the young. The game challenges ageism and suggests growing old is the purest human experience – one that can teach us poignant lessons about our capacity for love.”

Provided by Bloom Digital Media

The game takes place across seven episodes where players can create a custom avatar, complete with light body and pronoun customization, and get to know the other residents of Ye OLDE. These episodes can be bought on their own, or via the new premium, bundled version of the game. Whether or not you romance someone is up to you, but there are seven seniors you can mingle with. As with Bloom Digital Media’s other titles like Long Story, Later Daters is entirely focused on navigating interpersonal relationships while dealing with a mixture of tense and wacky situations.

Earlier this month, Bloom Digital Media also release a standalone cribbage game, Ye OLDE Cribbage Club: A Later Daters Game. This game, of course, allows players to participate in the retirement community’s new cribbage club tournament while listening to stories from your fellow residents. Currently, this game hasn’t been brought to mobile, but it is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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