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Laughter Is An Addiction

Laughter.  I admit, it is an addiction of mine, my drug of choice, my aphrodisiac. The fastest way to become my friend is to laugh with me and be as silly as I am.  I mean, have you listened to Sergey and I? So one of the best gifts that Los Angeles has given to us is the ability to meet some amazing comics and actually sit and talk with them.

I have always been in love with the people behind the entertainment.  It’s less about the latest project they need to promote and more about the stories they hold.  It is a common denominator in all of us. From the mail person to the grocery clerk, from a podcast host to some Hollywood superstar, from a homeless human being to the Queen of England, we all have a story.  Maybe it is due to my love of laughter and knowing my own story that I am drawn to these creators. It’s also probably why most people describe the podcast as just like listening into a conversation between friends over drinks. It may get messy and loud or way too serious, but that’s how human connections work.

Whether it is this week’s guest, comedian Zach Noe Towers or we are chatting with the amazing people who run L.A. Pride recovery, it’s the actual humans behind the stories that amaze me.  That is really what I hope you tune in for, if you are a fan of our guest that is a bonus, but it’s the conversation we hope you relate to.

So sit back and eavesdrop on a conversation this week between just three friends.  One happens to be hysterically funny (the guest is pretty good too.) You will hear us chat about everything from growing up “highly effeminate” to how comedy really is about extremes.  You are either in recovery or the throws of addiction, those are your two categories.

You will discover how to deal with a heckler and maybe even learn something about Bonshaquilla-Lafandria from Sergey.  The truth is you will uncover more about someone through their conversations with another then you ever will by a straightforward interview. If you know us at all then it will be no surprise that we are anything but straight.  Go ahead, eavesdrop to your heart’s content.

The Martini Lounge is available on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher

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