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Laura Flanders tackles trans hate in latest episode

The latest episode of The Laura Flanders Show sits down with Imara Jones.

2022 will go down in history for the number of anti-trans bills introduced into state legislatures. More than 300 bills banning books, medical treatment, even access to the bathroom, have been introduced so far. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court seems poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade, allowing states to ban abortion.

As extremists crank up the volume on hate — trans people, especially trans women of color, are facing an onslaught of violence. Today’s guest, Imara Jones, has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine and POLITICO’s 2021 “Recast Power List.” She’s the producer of a podcast mini-series called “The Anti-Trans Hate Machine: A Plot Against Equality” and the creator of “TransLash Media”, a cross-platform journalism, personal storytelling, and narrative project, which seeks to shift the culture, create empathy and save trans lives. In this episode, Laura asks her what impacts these restrictions and increased control have on all of us.

“We’re already seeing doctors that treat trans people being targeted just like abortion doctors. That’s a new thing that just happened this year.” – Imara Jones

“There’s an understanding by the people, the politicians, the organizations, and the billionaires that trans people will be the next fight in the gender wars, after what they anticipate, and have anticipated for over a year, to be their victory on abortion rights.” – Imara Jones

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