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Legendarily Irreverent Comedian, Kathy Griffin, Is Back On The Road!

She speaks! After a year of national scandal and following a sold-out run of stand-up shows and rave reviews around the globe, Kathy Griffin is returning with the much-anticipated North American continuation of her  “Laugh Your Head Off” World Tour to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Armed with the story of the now infamous and controversial photo (yes…THAT photo), the fiery redheaded, award-winning, American comedian is bringing the story of the photo heard ‘round the world and the fallout that followed, along with breaking down everything in the pop-culture landscape from Trump to the Kardashians.  Griffin tells all in this more than 2-hour no-holds-barred show in the raw, honest, and engaging way fans have always loved about her. The North American stint of the “Laugh Your Head Off” tour begins Friday, May 25th in Toronto, ON.

“Donald Trump will not survive the live and hilarious indictment I will be bringing down on his orange head.  Did I say head?” Griffin said.

“To all of you in North America who have been sending so much love and support, now’s your chance to show it.  Buy a ticket for one of these tour stops and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  You’re gonna get the whole story. We will talk about THE photo that sparked a conversation around the world, how my mom Maggie still watches Fox News and thinks I might be in ISIS, and hell, I’ll even walk you through my interrogation by the feds.  You’re not gonna get that story anywhere else!  Oh, and did I mention that my next door neighbors during this whole ordeal are none other than Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye Kardashian-West?”

Griffin continues, “My show isn’t for the faint of heart so leave your kids at home. My motto is ‘Funny First.’ But don’t worry, we’ve got some serious smack talking to do about everything and everyone,” before adding, “with love, of course.”

Following a wildly successful run overseas including; New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the U.K., among many others; the prolific comic is ready to come home and tell her truth in the only way she can – fearless and peerless comedy. More motivated than ever, Griffin is ready to deliver the most balls-out and frankly hilarious shows of her stellar career.

Initial tour dates and ticket information for the North American leg of the “LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF” World Tour can be found below. For more information on Kathy, please visit

“Every era gets the Lenny Bruce it deserves. Ours is Kathy Griffin.” – The New York Times

“★★★★ Griffin’s show was defiant, fierce and viciously funny.” – The Sydney Morning Herald

“Mouthy? Yes. Vulgar? Frequently. Unforgettable? Definitely. ★★★★” – London Evening Standard

Tour Dates:

**Additional dates to be announced.

Friday, May 25th                                
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON

Saturday, May 26th
Centre in the Square
Kitchener, ON

Thursday, May 31st
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Calgary, AB

Saturday, June 2nd
Vancouver, BC

Thursday, June 14th
The Masonic
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, June 16th
Moore Theatre
Seattle, WA

Thursday, June 21st
Boch Center Shubert Theatre
Boston, MA

Tuesday, June 26th
Carnegie Hall
New York, NY

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3 thoughts on “Legendarily Irreverent Comedian, Kathy Griffin, Is Back On The Road!

  • In all due respect I have a dumb question/comment in regards to Ms. Griffin and the lead-in photo where she is holding the planet earth like a head. When the Trump beheaded photo controversery took place I created the image noted in link below as well as other art pieces. The statement for these images which eventually were incorporated into a short collage film (“Judith, Where Art Thou?”), in July 2017 reads: (pasted direct from YouTube: Trigger warning: this video does not advocate violence against anyone, only examines how and why a vigilante stance might be chosen. When I first saw the image of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s head I immediately thought it was a take on the Old Italian masterpieces of Judith with Holofernes head. In particular I thought of the painting by Artemesia Gentileschi. I tried to find some artist/political statement from Kathy G. and the photographer, Tyler Shields, who took the image. I did a lot of online searching but didn’t really find a clear definitive statement from either, but perhaps it was lost amid the overwhelming outrage, shaming and hysteria.
    Inspired by what seemed to be a point being missed I created images based on the classic paintings and the Trump head photo, cropping, changing color, doing brushwork here and there, to create collages/montages, superimposing actual quotes/news stories about Trump’s misogyny and reports of sexual assault.
    These pieces are a counter statement to the finger-pointing, and hypocrisy in regards to beheaded Trump image vs. the cartoons/posters comparing to/burning Hillary Clinton as a witch or the news stories featuring rock stars (Ted Nugent) snickering about assassinating Obama! All a person has to do is Google the words hate and the name of either Clinton or Obama and tons of images/headlines come up depicting violence against them.
    The last image created specific to the Judith theme depicts Mother Earth holding Trump’s head since his misogyny is ultimately doing a disservice to the welfare of the planet as well. It seems to me that one aspect of the Trump platform was to get rid of so much ‘political correctness’. This work falls under the dictum he espoused. In layman’s terms: Dolly Parton said to her blatantly sexist boss” “I’m gonna change you from a rooster to a hen in one shot! … in the comedy “Nine to Five”. This small film tips its hat to such justified anger as a fantasy though there is also the appropriate saying “That polecat done insult my woman” which applies. In other words: Trump is an adult with enough intelligence to know that he bears some responsibility in the idea/joke that others might want to assassinate (kick his butt) in the parking lot outside a bar for being such a big-mouthed insulting monger in the first place. He is far from being in the ranks of Martin Luther King or Stephen Biko.” I sent an email to Tyler Shields, the photographer of the initial beheaded Trump email on 6/10/17…so I am just curious as to who photographed the above image of Kathy holding the earth and where the inspiration came from. Thank you.

    • Hi there, the image came from the PR company

  • Thank you for your quick and helpful response. Dear Editor and Other readers, If you know anyone with the PR Company (whatever it is called) who might have an answer to my question please forward a link to this page on. Obviously I’m over 50, still working a Day Job and a climb up to the D List for me would be like reaching Everest! 🙂


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