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LGBTQ film pushes boundaries on labels

Gravitas Ventures presents a tense, striking film about dangerous love triangle that defies norms.

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios Company, has acquired North American rights to Drew Harwood’s feature film directorial debut The OneYou Feed. The film is now available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms through Gravitas Ventures.

The story is a sort of mirage. The Stranger is lost and he’s running from something. Ultimately, what he runs away from, he runs into. He finds someone he cannot leave. These two people, the Stranger and the Man, spend lifetimes finding and losing each other.

“The concept for The One You Feed came to me in a dream. We wanted to tell this love story between two men in a dreamlike manner,” says actor/producer Gareth Koorzen.

Gareth Koorzen and Drew Harwood in The One You Feed | Photo: Gravitas Films

Koorzen started acting at a young age in his home town of Cape Town, South Africa and relocated to Los Angeles in 2009. He has acted in over 20 projects while developing skills as a producer under the direct tutelage of Oscar winning producer Fred Roos (The Godfather trilogy, MasterclassLost in Translation). He produced and starred as the lead in the 2019 psychological supernatural thriller, The Bone Box. Other projects include The Black that Follows and Black Jade, which premiered at the Oldenburg Film Festival in 2020.

“We really wanted to make an LGBTQ film that expanded our current understanding of sexuality. We want to help normalize sexuality and sexual orientation and remove labels. So we decided that none of the characters would even have names,” explains writer/director/actor Drew Harwood. “We wanted to display sexuality and sexual expression in its simplest form and for that to be beautiful.”

Harwood, a native of Atlanta, started competitive swimming at the age of four. Throughout high school, he was one of the country’s top swimmers. He almost made it to the 2010 Olympics, but by the age of 18, he had lost it all. At 21, he took a leap of faith and decided to pursue acting. He moved to LA where he befriended a group of young, independent filmmakers. In 2017, after having acted in dozens of short films and a few features, Harwood wrote and directed his first short film, Ghosts. He also produced it and did the production design. Ghosts premiered in the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2018. 

The One You Feed is Harwoodʼs feature film debut as a director. He also wrote, co-produced, and acted in the film and did the costume and production design.

Written by Harwood and Gareth Koorzen, The One You Feed was produced by Johnny Mocker, Koorzen, Harwood, and Katie Garland Noble. It stars Koorzen, Harwood, Rebecca Fraiser, and Richard Watson.

Rebecca Fraiser in The One You Feed | Photo: Gravitas Films

“We truly put our entire lives on the line to make this movie. I always say we made it on a dime and a prayer,” said Producer Katie Garland Noble. “The guys literally transformed their house into a farmhouse so we could shoot this. They scoured the streets of LA for abandoned furniture and used whatever treasures they picked up as the tables, chairs, and set decorations in the film. I couldn’t be more proud of every single person who helped make this film possible.”

Watch the trailer here.

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