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Out singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan releases her inner animal

The delightfully upfront singer-songwriter is one of the UK’s most exciting and talented young, female singer-songwriters today.

From her success on TV show The X Factor, Lucy Spraggan found herself hitting the headlines and becoming a household name as an out, proud, and fierce member of the LGBTQ community. A lot has happened in Lucy’s life these past couple of years including marriage, divorce, getting sober, and getting in shape physically and mentally. Now, with her new album, the appropriately named Choices which comes out February 26, Lucy is ready to get back out there with new wisdom.

With five songs already released, Lucy is poised to make her mark on the U.S. Already a star in the UK (she’s played Glastonbury twice), her songwriting tackles big themes with “Animal” addressing the subject of cyber bullying. “If someone wants to be derogatory, they often call you an animal. Call me a dog, call me a shark, I’ve been pushed far enough, I can be an animal if you want me to be one, I just won’t be a nice one,” says Lucy.

“Animal” is the third single from Choices, and the tracks that have premiered so far have garnered an impressive one million-plus plays on Spotify and the video for “Sober” has nearly half a million YouTube views.

An advocate for positive mental health, Lucy encourages people to stand up to fight. “If someone wants to be derogatory, they often call you an animal. Call me a dog, call me a shark, Ive been pushed far enough, I can be an animal if you want me to be one, I just won’t be a nice one,” says Lucy.

Lucy is also passionate about fitness and took advantage of the touring downtime during the pandemic to launch her own fitness brand.

“I started running in January and hardcore working out – which a lot of people do when they become sober – but at  one point I was really obsessing over what I was eating and I was working out every single day,” she recalls. “I didn’t  have rest days, and I had to stop and be like ‘right, you are just doing exactly the same thing with this’. Now, I’m  definitely a lot easier on myself, and it takes a long time to undo all of the bad habits you gain in your life.” 

Lucy Spraggan hasn’t let the pandemic stop her from keeping fit | Photo: Instagram

Living with anxiety and depression, which saw Spraggan attempt suicide in 2014, has led her to be really open  about her mental health in interviews and in her music, working with charities CALM and Alzheimer’s UK over the years due to experiences of herself and those around her. “I really care about being an advocate for positive mental  health and I understand what it’s like to be so fucking low that you feel like you can’t continue anymore, but I also  know now what it feels like to let go of some of that darkness and let some light in.”

Choices by Lucy Spraggan will be released on February 26 via Cooking Vinyl.

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