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Luxury Travel and the Gay Traveler

I am a 51 year old, gay male who has spent his life as a citizen and a student of the world. I have spent most of my life traveling and curating travel for all kinds of people, and I have come to understand that traveling as a gay person involves different criteria.

We all long to discover and experience the majesty and euphoria that comes from traveling and the memories that last a lifetime, but it’s how we travel that defines that memory.

I have never let my sexuality deter me from where I travel, or how I travel, and I don’t determine my next destination on whether there is a gay hotel there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with experiencing Gay destinations and their hotels, there is definitely a place for that. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be based on that solely.

Most people don’t know how they will be perceived in a hotel when they are sharing their bed with the same sex partner, in a country or city that may not be as tolerant and can be shying away from the experience. I’m here to guide you through those questions. A few destinations that we will explore in future articles are Bali, Cambodia, Mexico City, and the Amalfi coast.

When we travel we all want the best without paying the most, that we all have in common. We want to be pampered, made to feel important, and recognition is a key element in making us feel safe in a new environment.

When you work with a luxury travel Curator such as myself, you are welcomed into my circle. I take you in as my family and want you to travel the way I do. I want you to have the most wonderful, safe, luxurious trip you can possibly have. So when you get home, you are satiated and feel that amazing afterglow of a luxury trip that carries you through your life’s routine until your next journey.

A common misconception is “how can I afford a luxury travel curator such as you?” The answer is simple… my fee is very small, and you get so much more in return.

Besides getting the best fare and the best hotel price, you can also get complimentary amenities such as breakfast, food and beverage credits, spa credits, early check in / late checkouts, change fees waived, etc.

You get access to me and all my knowledge and planning skills. You get access to the contacts I have made around the world for over the last 25 years in this business. They will welcome you as if you’re part of the family at their hotels, or the amazing tour guides I work with will show you around their cities like a local.

You don’t ever sit on the phone with an airline ever again. If there is a problem or a question, I have direct access to the top and can help with anything that arises. In a nutshell, I’m your only contact for everything travel… This is true luxury that you should experience.

127travelis a luxury travel service specializing in VIP travel. As part of ‘Travel Leaders’, ‘Signature’, and other luxury travel programs, I have direct access to exclusive suppliers, services, and VIP amenities.

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Keith Wein

127 Travel was founded by Keith Wein, who has worked in various arena's of the Travel Industry for nearly 25 years and has served as a corporate travel planner for VIP celebrities and executives of Fortune 100 company's. Keith is a NY native born in Brooklyn and living in Manhattan most of his life, however, he currently lives and has offices in Seattle, and New York .

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