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Meditations with Richelle: Be what you want this year

What do you want for yourself in 2021? The answer is already inside of you.

We don’t get what we want. We get who we are being.

New Day, New Year, New Moment. We get this all the time. But every moment is new.

The difference is that there is a collective energy around the New Year and we can use it. It’s like a wave. We can ride it all the way in. Catching it at just the right moment. It’s exciting! There are twists and turns and sometimes we fall off. Those fall off moments and what we think about them is what shapes us. That is the moment where we decide are we going to call it all off or do we get back on and go for it.

We are shaped by the fall-off moments

All of this is going on in our minds all the time. Our beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves about how hard or easy it will be. We bring in our past, justify going forward or staying where we are. Is it worth getting back on the wave because, this is just how it goes or this always happens, or never happens, or can’t happen or could happen, or, or, or. More to the point and underneath it all is the question: Am I worthy of whatever it is? The relationship, the money, the career, the health. The answer is yes. Yes you are. You are worthy of every good thing. We were all born worthy.

In all the many teachings that I have studied I have read over and over that a human birth is the rarest of the rarest gifts. We are powerful beyond measure. We create worlds from our very thoughts. But, often we create something and then act as if the very thing we created has power over us. 

It does not. 

Everything is created twice. We all know this but few know the power of knowing this. The device you are looking at, the clothes you are wearing, the floor, the building, the city — all of it. Everything that you can see and all that you experience was once a thought. We have been endowed with the gift of creation. It is time to use that gift to create a life and a world that we would love rather than one that we fear or using our gift to torture ourselves. How? Practice.

Train your mind as you would any instrument. Imagine again that you are riding that wave and you get side-swiped by another wave, you get knocked off. In other words: Life happens. What is your response?

Here’s how you know what it is: You have practiced being the person who looks for and sees the good — or not. You have the choice. You could think, okay, this must mean that there is a better wave coming. 

I love this quotation:

The grateful mind expects good things. The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, therefore it tends to become the best, it takes the form of the best and will receive the best. 

Wallace Wattles

I have some practices for you.  

Gratitude is the same vibration as abundance. I’d like you to implement a gratitude practice by thinking of 10 things that you are grateful for before your feet hit the floor in the morning. Start with yourself. See yourself as the gift that you are. I want you to watch your words. Our word are windows into our thoughts. Some of us would never speak to another person the way that we speak to ourselves. 

Watch out for:

I can’t

I don’t

I’ll never

I’m too old  

I’m too young

Oh, and my favorite…

I’m too late. (I have worked hard to unravel that one.)

Whatever yours is, when you hear yourself saying it or thinking it say: “Up until now” — and then say what you would love. Break the spell. Change the habit. No more.

Gratitude is the same vibration as abundance

You are a gift. No matter what. Get back on and ride the waves to your good, to your great, to your extraordinary. And if you haven’t guessed yet — the waves are your thoughts. Everything is. 

Gosh, I have so much more to say about this. I’d love your questions. I am doing a Vision Workshop on January 9 from 10am-12:30PST. I can answer questions there too. 

Love and abundant blessings for the New Year, Richelle.

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