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Montréal Pride Festival’s 360 Edition Complete Programming Unveiled

The Montréal Pride Festival, presented by TD, unveiled this morning the entire programming of their festival’s 360 Edition, which will take place from August 10 to 16, 2020.

While the festivities are being presented in a digital format this year, Pride will travel to festivalgoers’ homes while highlighting our various communities’ challenges. Notably, Backxwash, Melissa Etheridge, Dominique Jackson, Adam Lambert, Ngabo, all the Queens from Canada’s Drag Race including its judge Brooke Lynn Hytes and many other artists of the sexual and gender diversity will take part in the celebrations!

A Typical Day’s Journey – Daily Activities

The day will begin at 9 am with a short video on the different aspects that can influence the mental health of people of the sexual and gender diversity, presented by Deepak Kashyap, a psychotherapist in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). These capsules will address, among others, the themes of worrying, toxic relationships and depression via the festival’s Facebook page.

At 10 am, the Afro Pride Hour, presented under the curatorship of Uwayo Dushime on Montréal Pride’s YouTube channel, will present one hour of daily content adapted to the different realities experienced by black people of the sexual and gender diversity and in solidarity with the Black Trans Lives Matter movement. Among other things, the historical contribution of black trans women, dance and stage performance as tools for resilience and intersectionality will be topics discussed during this hour dedicated to the black communities.

Starting at noon, a vox pop on the daily theme will be broadcast on MAtv – Montréal region, on MAtv – all of Québec as of 3 pm, and will be available the next day on Illico on Demand, Helix, and Festivalgoers will be invited to learn more about the different realities experienced by their peers. The capsules will be also be broadcast via Montréal Pride’s social networks. The daily theme will then be explored in greater depth every day at 5 pm via a Question-and-Answer session with the ambassadors, broadcast live via the Montréal Pride’s Instagram account. Annie Pullen Sansfaçon (August 10, presented by FIDO), Elle Barbara (August 11, presented by TD), Dominique Lavergne (August 12, presented by TROJAN), Ngabo (August 13), Miss Butterfly (August 14, presented by TD), as well as Rosie Bourgeoisie and Pierre-Olivier Beaulac-Bouchard (August 15, presented by TD) will take questions from festivalgoers live!

Fierté Montréal (CNW Group/Montréal Pride Celebrations)

The end of the day will be punctuated by lively music because every evening starting at 6 pm Montréal Pride Festival’s eclectic ambience will buzz over the airwaves on its Twitch account. From Monday to Saturday we will have DJ Giant (August 10), Misstress Barbara (August 11), Jack Chang (August 12), DJ Nalee (August 13), Sissy Superstar (August 14) and Odile Myrtil (August 15).

Finally, festivalgoers will also be able to enjoy the Crave Collection: “Celebrating Pride”. The special collection will be brought to the forefront on Crave starting August 6. This special collection will include some 40 films and series including the famous titles: Canada’s Drag Race, Euphoria, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Shiny Shrimps, The L Word: Generation Q, Green BookPortrait of a Lady on FirePain and Glory, as well as RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Fierté littéraire – Diversity from A to Z, presented by FIDO

The music of these DJs will surely set the mood for the reader in you, as Fierté littéraire returns this year with a diverse program, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 6 pmFierté littéraire will indeed hold its 9th edition, broadcasted online on Montréal Pride Festival’s platforms presented in a virtual format. Inspired by Édith Piaf’s song “C’est l’amour”, Fierté littéraire celebrates love in all its embodiments of sexual orientation and gender identity, in five events:

  • August 10: The literary cabaret “C’est l’amour, genres!” where the creative writing contest finalists will be announced as well as the winning text, which will receive a $1,000 bursary. This event is hosted by Barbada de Barbades.
  • August 11: Le Combat aux mots returns with actor Steve Bastien, actress Pascale Drevillon, comedian and author Anne-Marie Dupras and author and public relations specialist Alain Labonté. These four personalities will each defend a title in a colourful debate, hosted by the unmatched Amélie Boivin-Handfield.
  • August 14: Transpoésies unveils the submitted texts and winners of the poetry contest in a moving event hosted by Pascal CormierJeanPaul Daoust will be the guest of honour.
  • August 15: On rit p’us, mais on lit with Barbada. Okay, we’ll laugh a little. No, we’ll laugh out loud! Montréal Pride introduces the next generation of literary talent from the 2LGBTQ+ communities. Hosted by Barbada de Barbades.
  • August 16: Transports littéraires, hosted by Alexandre Drouin, is an event dedicated to trans and non-binary literature.

7 days – 7 themes – 7 universes

Each day of Montréal’s Pride Week will be associated with a different theme of the sexual and gender diversity with unique activities and shows for a full 360 coverage of these issues with the collaboration of ambassadors reflecting each theme.

Monday, August 10 – Family Constellations, presented by FIDO – Annie Pullen Sansfaçon

Following the broadcast of the mental health awareness video capsules, presented by FIDO, and the daily Afro Pride Hour, Montréal Pride Festival’s 360 Edition’s first day will open with the Official Launch of the festival starting at 11 am on MAtv and on Montréal Pride’s social networks with an Indigenous Ceremony followed by speeches and the presentation of this year’s political and social demands.

At 1 pm and 4 pm, a Brother’s Circle and a 2S Circle, respectively facilitated by Kama La Mackerel and Moe Clark, will be held. A Closed Circle is an event that brings together a group of different people with a common focal point in a safe and more secure environment thus promoting healing by sharing similar but unique experiences. 

Montréal Pride Festival’s 360 Edition’s first day will end with a unique activity exclusively presented by Montréal Pride! The Canadian Opera Company is proud to present online: Hadrian to audiences around the world in a special one-night-only presentation with a live Q&A session with Rufus Wainwright and Daniel MacIvor. This online event will be the first opportunity for anyone to experience the show since its world premiere in Toronto, back in 2018!

Tuesday, August 11 – WomXn: The Inspirational Women of the SGD, presented by TD – Elle Barbara

Following the mental health awareness video capsule presented by TD, the Afro Pride Hour and the daily theme’s vox pop video capsule presentation, the Sister’s Circle will be held exclusively for people from diverse backgrounds, facilitated by Kama La Mackerel.

This day, which aims to highlight the different realities of women’s diversity will end on a high note with a digital concert specifically prepared for the Montréal Pride festivalgoers! After years of trying to work together, following a DJ Set that only Misstress Barbara can helm, it’s during the 360 Edition that Melissa Etheridge will touch everyone’s hearts, starting at 8 pm on the festival’s Facebook page! An evening that you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday, August 12 – Bear – Leather – Fetish Communities, presented by Trojan – Dominique Lavergne

In order to learn more about fetish practices and its philosophy and to deconstruct the prejudices still associated with them, the daily information capsule will follow Gabriel-le Beauregard, sexologist, during an interview with five members of the bear, leather and fetish communities. At 2 pm, the REZO team, accompanied by Sister Marie-Félicité of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Danny Godbout, Mr. Leather Montréal 2011 and Gabriel-le Beauregard, sexologist, will offer a dynamic and respectful presentation on Montréal Pride’s Facebook page about sex toys, consumption in the context of sexuality, consent in fetish practices and of course HIV/STI prevention.

Thursday, August 13 – Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (QTBIPOC) – Ngabo

QTBIPOC people are credited as having initiated the Pride movement more than 50 years ago. However, the visibility that they deserve is still not fully achieved, nor is the full recognition of their rights. Montréal Pride Festival’s 360 Edition not only includes an hour of Afro Pride content, but also a full day dedicated specifically to people from these communities. In addition, two Closed Circles will be held during the week at determined times and places that will only be shared with those concerned.

At 1 pmMontreal’s Metonymy Press’ The New Face of Queer Lit, presented by FIDO via YouTube, will feature an English-speaking panel discussion with four queer, trans and/or non-binary writers in Canada who are leaders of modern LGBTQ literature. The event will feature Hazel Jane PlanteKama La Mackerel and Helen Chau Bradley and will be hosted by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch and presented via the Montréal Pride’s Facebook page.

The Violet Hour, presented by FIDO will follow at 4 pm, also on YouTube, which is usually presented as part of the festival! This is a collection of short readings by LGBTQ+ writers in English and French, with the participation of Nicholas DawsonPeter DubéApril FordKama La Mackerel and Rachel Matlow, hosted by Christopher DiRaddo.

Excellence, the festival’s benevolent show by and for queer and/or trans people celebrating all aspects of our identities featuring queer and trans artists is back! Starting at 8 pm, on MAtv and on Montréal Pride’s social networks, Excellence’s 2020 edition will be hosted by Elle Barbara and will feature performances by Anachnid, Apollin, Backxwash, Enshantay, Masala Massi x Vells of Bollywood, Miami Minx, Sarahmée, Ngabo, Nick Saanto and the participation of the incomparable icon Dominique Jackson from the Pose series.

Friday, August 14 – Drag Communities, presented by TD – Miss Butterfly

The weekend will start early during this Pride week because the drag world has multiplied its facets and its range. It will surprise you this Friday, August 14th with its richness and diversity! Starting at 2 pmWaltpaper: New York Club Kids, an interview with Walt Cassidy, alias Waltpaper, about his recent book, New York Club Kids, will be presented via the festival’s social networks. Festivalgoers will be treated to a high-impact visual diary of Cassidy‘s life in New York’s infamous Club Kid scene in the 1990s. The event, hosted by Christopher DiRaddo in collaboration with Never Apart, will be presented on the Montréal Pride Festival’s YouTube channel.

Montréal Pride Festival’s 360 Edition is offering a cabaret-at-home Friday night! Starting at 8 pm, the grandiose Illusion show, presented by TD, featuring the best of the best of Québec drag artists, is back and will be presented via MAtv! Hosted by the legendary Michel Dorion, featuring over 20 drag artists including: Aizysse BagaAmy HazeBig SissyBijuriyaEmma DéjavuGisèle LullabyHeaven GenderfuckKiaraLaDrag On-FlyLuss MartinMarla DeerMatante Alex, OcéanePeachPrudenceR.V MétalRock BièreSasha BagaSuki DollTracy TrashUma GahdVelma Jones and Zenith. Get ready to experience royal entertainment!

This year there will be enough space for all festivalgoers who wish to attend one of the most important outdoor drag shows in the world because the 360 Edition will offer it LIVE on Montréal Pride’s YouTube channel! Welcome North! Starting at 10 pm, Drag Superstars – Canada’s Drag Race Editionpresented by Crave is a 60-minute special featuring 12 drag artists, hosted by the “Queen of the North” herself, Brooke Lynn Hytes. In their own way, these drag queens will play the queen of their kingdom in a show they specifically created for the occasion! Anastarzia AnaquwayBoaIlona VerleyJimboJuice BoxxKiaraKyneLemonPriyankaRita BagaScarlett Bobo, and Tynomi Banks will surely entertain you!

Saturday, August 15 – Spotlight on Different Realities – Rosie Bourgeoisie and Pierre-Olivier Beaulac Bouchard

On this day where different realities of the sexual and gender diversity will be presented, notably through the daily mental health awareness video capsule presented by FIDO, the vox pop information capsule on the different realities and the Question-and-Answer session with Rosie Bourgeoisie and Pierre-Olivier Beaulac Bouchard via the festival’s Instagram account, the Saturday usually reserved for LGBTQ+ community organizations presentations will be no exception this year! Community Day, presented by TD, is back this year with a virtual edition that is more accessible than ever! Festivalgoers will have the chance to learn more about Montréal’s LGBTQ+ community organizations through a virtual tour filled with videos and testimonials, all broadcast on!

In addition, festivalgoers will also be able to learn more about the realities of LatinX communities! Orgullo Latinx 2020 (Latinx Pride 2020), organized by the only LatinX troupe in North America, will be presented at 4 pm and will feature Anaconda La SabrosaBlack MambaCastroCherry TopEl ToroLolita BlancaMiami Minx and Salty Margarita!

In the evening, starting at 8 pm, the great Émergence show, presented by TROJAN, will be offered via MAtv! This festive and colourful event will introduce festivalgoers to emerging stars such as Antony CarleBo JohnsonErika DanielsFéliciaFloraaG-DazzleHugo LacchiaKama La MackerelMathieu SamsonScary and Tranna Wintour! A show high in diversity and discovery!

Sunday, August 16 – Pride Festivities, presented by Casino de Montréal – Sandy Duperval

Pride Sunday: the day when the parade, T-Dance and major shows usually take place, mobilizing huge crowds and showing the strength and caring spirit of our communities. This year, the celebrations will take place from a distance, but our big family will still regroup differently as they will be served a day of festivities that will live up to their expectations!

From 2 pm to 5 pm, on Twitch, the big T-Dance, presented by Casino de Montréal, will have the entire province of Québec dancing with a DJ Set by A$h Banks! She’ll have you dancing live to the beats of her wild set!

Starting at 7 pm, an evening of grand shows and surprises will begin in full force with a special and exclusive performance by Adam Lambert and Backxwash, presented by TD, which will be broadcast on the Montréal Pride Facebook page! Lambert who succeeded Freddie Mercury at the forefront of the band Queen will follow Canadian rapper Backxwash in what will be the beginning of an evening full of colour and surprises! Montréal Pride Festival will soon be unveiling more details about what will become the most memorable day of the 360 Edition!

L’Apéro SAQ – Thursday to Saturday, starting at 5:45 pm!

The SAQ and Montréal Pride are proud to present L’Apéro SAQ video capsules, a gentle moment that will prepare you for an unforgettable night! Learn how to concoct delicious cocktails made with Québec products on sale at the SAQ while getting ready for our incredible DJ Sets. The staff of several Montréal Village establishments will share their favourite recipes with you so you can make them in the comfort of your own home. Mix with us starting at 5:45 pm on the Montréal Pride Facebook page.

The full programming details are available online at

The 360 Edition will come to a close with a surprise! Stay tuned for a big announcement about a major event to be held on Sunday, August 18, from 8 to 9:30 pm. To be continued!

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