Friday, June 21, 2024

Move forward with BMW’s 540i xDrive sedan

It’s so easy to get lost in all the many possibilities that BMW has available for you to enjoy. 

The 5-Series hits the sweet spot for most people in terms of size, and the 540i with xDrive does not disappoint here. Of course, there is plenty room for everyone and everything, though the Nappa Leather will be an additional $2,500 on top of the base price of $61,750. (I know, how rude to talk about price, but, hey….)

This year’s model will get a 336-horsepower turbo that can really make you feel like you have the world at your feet, though Car and Driver says it doesn’t really offer you all that much for your money. Okay, so if indeed you want to spend your money on a racecar, well then….

You buy this car because you want something luxurious, and because you have a nice place to park it.  And because you take it places to show it off and where hopefully, there is valet parking. Yes, this is a car you relish and enjoy.

And I truly enjoyed driving it. There are 20 different ways you can adjust your seats, all with the touch of a button. Windows, mirrors and sunroof defog and clear all by themselves (practically). And the safety features alone are worth the money when you attempt to calculate the value of a human life. 

The navigation system is now 12.3-inches, which really allows you to keep your eyes on the road and easily see your maps, your music and whatever else may be of interest on your navigation screen. There is actually decent room in the trunk; not that you are buying a 5-series to run you weekly chores, but in case you are, well, there ya go.

And for those who are keeping track: mileage is 23 city / 31 highway. And when it comes to the 5-Series, wow, you have a whole lotta choices, so, well, grab a pen and paper…. Well, have at it. BMW has learned over the years that it has to be more than just a car for the elite; it has to be a car for every person.  So, if you are every person, well, this is your car. 

As we enter a new phase here in the United States (thank goodness), it’s time to start thinking about moving forward and maybe you’ve been wanting a new luxury car (I know I have). The 2021 540i xDrive Sedan falls right in the middle, a direct hit if you will, that might make sense for you, depending upon what you need and what you like.

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