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“Music Bear” Tony Banks is on Cloud 9 with new track

Music Bear Tony Banks defies much of the music world that we live in today. This up and coming Hip-hop storyteller has made a name for himself with his smooth rhythms, sick beats, and serious vocals. He has just released his new track Cloud 9, taken from his upcoming LP.  

Tony stands out from the crowd as outspoken, unapologetic and uniquely talented. Going from nothing to something, all on his own merits – Tony personifies the American Dream. Having a love for music began at a very young age, while in his church’s choir. Tony kept that passion going into his teen years when, at 15 years old, he started to produce his own beats and writing lyrics. Thereafter, he immersed himself in the recording studio, where he honed his skills and continued his journey towards finding himself and his voice as an artist.

Tony also stands out for being an out-and-proud gay man. In a culture that stereotypes gay men, especially ones who are African-American, the Music Bear looks past that and understand his true and honest identity through it all.

Tony has taken that upfront attitude to packed shows across the United States and abroad, including a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, SXSW, 35 Denton Festival in Denton, TX., Friday Night Live at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, and Pride Festivals near and far. He has done a fantastic job at appealing to both the LGBT and straight audiences, as his music and persona ring true with ALL people.

Stream Cloud 9 now

Tony’s future is looking as bright as ever. If there is one artist to look out for this year and beyond, who has a bold take on what music should be, then Tony Banks is your guy.

His upcoming new LP titled ‘Yes Homo’ combines over two years of writing and self-production, the most emotionally connected project Tony has ever done; An eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Pop and House Music with a queer twist.

“It’s been the longest writing project I’ve ever done, but that’s what makes it so special. It wasn’t rushed. I wanted to tell a complete story of who I am, what I was feeling and what I was thinking at different points in my life. From how I felt about Police Brutality to the physical and mental reaction of my first real gay kiss.”

The album also aims at calling out how hip hop and homsexuality are often treated in a negative light:

“Well that light is slowly changing into something positive. I’m just telling our story, but as a humans who happen to be gay. We all bleed the same, hurt the same, love the same, live in the same communities, go through the same good and bad times. ‘Cloud 9‘ is about giving in to love, despite past traumas, mixed feelings and insecurities.”


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